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How to Use Coupons Like a Pro During Target BOGO

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September 26, 2016 · 5.6k Views

If you’re a regular Target shopper, you may be familiar with the many ways you can save money on the things you buy regularly. If you’re not a regular shopper, but still like to stop in every so often, you can still find ways to save big.

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One way to save a lot of money is to shop at Target during Buy One, Get One (BOGO) sales. Sure, the item is already on sale – heck, you’re getting one for free – but that doesn’t mean the savings end there. You can still use coupons – including the ones you find on the Cartwheel app – to save even more.

Speaking of the Cartwheel app – you may wondering what exactly that is. It’s basically Target’s database of coupons for customers. Choose from coupons from a variety of categories. Save up to 50% on clothing, food, toys, home furnishings, household goods and more. When you’re done shopping, scan your unique barcode and save money at checkout. Once you use an offer, more will populate so you can keep on saving. You can also earn badges. The more you save, the more badges you earn, and these help you save even more. Click here to download this free app today – it takes very little time to choose offers, and you’ll love seeing the savings at the register.

Now that you know how Cartwheel works, it’s time to show you how to save even more on Target BOGO sales. Read on for some pro tips for couponing at Target.


  1. Maximize coupon usage.

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    You can still use coupons on BOGO sale items. Target allows you to use one manufacturer coupon or one Target coupon for each item you’re paying for. This last part is important because you can’t use a coupon on a free item. If you’re purchasing a Buy 1, Get 1 free item, you can use only one coupon. But if it’s Buy 2, Get 1 free, you can use two coupons because you’re buying two items.

  2. Stack those coupons.

    If you have a BOGO manufacturer or Target coupon, you can use it with a second coupon and a Cartwheel coupon. The trick is that you can only use one manufacturer and one Target coupon on the same item. So you can’t use two Target coupons or two manufacturer coupons on the same thing.

  3. Maximize Cartwheel coupons.

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    You can use each Cartwheel coupon four times. This means if you have a coupon for 30% off Tide, and you buy four of them, all four will ring up at 30% off. If it’s a promotion for Buy 3 Tide, Get 1 free, the three will ring up at 30% off because the fourth item is free.

  4. Use Internet coupons.

    Find Target coupons from DealsPlus, clip and print them or download the DealsPlus app, and use them easily at Target. Some stores won’t allow printable coupons, but Target will honor them as long as they have a barcode that can be scanned. However, Target will not accept coupons for free items or coupons that have been copied. On top of that, Target won’t give you cash back. This means that if Target has an item for 98 cents and you have a $1 off coupon, you won’t get 2 cents back. At the most, you’ll get the item for free, but don’t expect any money back in return.

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  5. Use two manufacturer coupons in a BOGO 50% off sale. 

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    This is where things might get complicated. If it’s a BOGO sale, you can only use one coupon because you’re getting one item free. But in a BOGO 50% off sale, you’re buying two items, but getting one at a reduced price. This means that since you’re buying two items, you can use two manufacturer coupons. Because of this, in some cases, you can save more on a BOGO 50% off sale than you can on a BOGO sale.

  6. Be careful of using coupons that require you to purchase more than one item.

    If you’re shopping a BOGO sale and have a coupon that gives you $1 off when you buy two items, the coupon won’t be valid. Why not? Because in a BOGO sale, you’re only buying two items. In order to use the coupon, you need to buy at least four items. That’s because you’ll be buying two items and two will be free, so you can get the $1 off on the two items that you’re actually buying. I know, it can seem complicated at first. Who thought saving money required so much math?

  7. Apply for the REDcard.

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    You’re probably thinking, “Sure, that’s all I need is another credit card.” But this one is different. It offers benefits such as an extra 30 days for returns, free shipping online and best of all, 5% off every purchase. Still not convinced? Get the REDcard debit card instead. You won’t rack up a high credit card bill and you’ll still save 5% on all your purchases at Target. Sweet!

  8. Use a rebate app.

    When shopping a Target BOGO sale, you can override the rule that you can only use coupons on items you actually pay for. The trick is to use a rebate app, like Checkout 51 or Ibotta. If there’s a BOGO sale on Glade air fresheners and the app has a rebate for $1 off two Glade air fresheners, you can submit the rebate and get your $1 back even though you actually bought only one.


Don’t miss out on savings the next time you step inside a Target. By using the tips above, you can score free items and save more on the items you do have to spend money on. This means more money in your wallet – and who doesn’t like that?

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