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Hulu's New Live Streaming Is a Game Changer

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May 04, 2016 · 266k Views

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Source: The Verge

Hulu has just announced some big plans that might be enough to convert even the most loyal Netflix and Amazon Prime Video users into Hulu-gans. In 2017, Hulu will begin live streaming TV shows to its subscribers. This is big news because right now, Hulu is the only streaming service that offers users the option to watch some TV episodes just 24 hours after they first air, so they're even beating their own waiting period.

CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that major television broadcasts such as Fox, ABC, ESPN, FX, and the Disney Channel are all involved in this plan, so we're excited, to say the least. However, details of which series subscribers can watch live have not been released, but we have our fingers crossed that they will be some of our favorite shows. 

Hulu has seemed to be trailing behind Netflix and Amazon Prime because of their small library and a shortage of original movies and TV shows, but we're thinking this could be what brings them to the top. What do you want to see live streaming on Hulu next year? If you have a cable TV provider, will you cut that service? Let us know in the comments below!


dtran5 profile picture
Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).
Mpostetter20Jun 02, 2016
There's no was I would cut my comcast unless they would stream live sports events and that's not going to happen anytime soon
TrishaVMay 31, 2016
I love Hulu.... But some shows take 2 weeks to add new episodes... So live streaming is amazing! I use Hulu for TV Shows and Netflix for movies....
ShakaenaMay 29, 2016
Been with hula this day one had lots of ups and down with then .but the last 3 years they been great . Will cut my
ssshellyMay 27, 2016
AMC, more History shows, CBS, American Ninja Warrior
CasskrauseMay 25, 2016
I'm ok with the waiting 24 hour been doing it for 5 years now, don't have I watch Hulu for shows just want Amc so I can stop paying for walking dead on vudu every year. Netflix is for movies but I tend to forget movies are on Hulu also. I just want Amc on Hulu that's all, I'm not big on live tv because well I love watching on my own time and days (after 5 years you make your own tv schedule )
tharrison13May 21, 2016
NBA games,HBO, BET, and MTV
spnfan99May 20, 2016
I'd love to see the CW get on board so I can ditch to watch my favorite prime time shows like Arrow and Supernatural
MsshariMay 20, 2016
Investigation Discovery!!!!
RudarrMay 20, 2016
Sport channels Bein, Espn, Fox. And Spanish channels.
HuluiganMay 20, 2016
I would LOVE to have fx (American horror story) and Lmn(loved all those movies). I already dropped my service provider, I use both hulu and net flix for movies and shows. IT HAS BEEN SO MUCH BETTER PAYING FOR THOSE,THEN FOR A SERVICE PROVIDER!
rcc9211May 19, 2016
Nick, lifetime, ESPN, FOX, AMC, HGTV, MTV
Kmay73May 19, 2016
Having Survivor, CBS and the Walking Dead and The Fear of The Walking Dead would be wonderful though
Kmay73May 19, 2016
I love Hulu and Netflix but next month I'm cutting Netflix and keeping Hulu
arl10144May 18, 2016
CBS, WGN, FOX, Starz and OWN networks would be nice additions for LIVE!
CharleeZMay 15, 2016
Playstation Vue has live streaming, 3 package options, online unlimited dvr, and abc, nbc, fox etc on demand. It is a shame that this article is inaccurate, because it puts the entire article up for scrutiny.
Visual_kaneMay 16, 2016
Playstation vue was canceled already. They dont sell it no more fool
DscrizzyMay 18, 2016
Yes they do what are you taking about?
TrishaVMay 31, 2016
Because Playstation is on one market, its not a wide based product. You can only use it on a playstation 4, but Netflix and Hulu can be used on a wide range devices those making it the first multi platform service..
Yeshua87May 14, 2016
I already have both, and each serves its own purpose. Netflix is for movies, and Hulu is our replacement. Amazon Prime is an afterthought that happens to come with our free shipping and subscribe and save...
Leeb22May 11, 2016
I would like for BBC to get on board with hulu just so I can watch my doctor who
Fields0804May 12, 2016
I completely agree. Netflix got rid of it and now I can't finish season 4-9
Toris_mamaMay 11, 2016
To me Netflix -vs-Hulu is apples& oranges.. I get Hulu for the tv shows and Netflix for movies...it's that simple, both are worth having, and with the 8&9$ month.
Toris_mamaMay 11, 2016
When is CBS shows gonna jump on board?? I seriously miss Survivor... That's the one show I miss the most since killing cable. Hulu is great, that's one thing though I miss, newer CBS shows..
atrudd00May 11, 2016
Lol! I saw your comment and actually made a profile JUST so I could tell if you have Apple TV you go to the CBS app and register yourself. It's $5/month and allows you to watch all of the current and past tv shows on CBS (including the newest episodes of Survivor) live, right after they air, or any time after they air. You literally have access to every single season and episode of Survivor. WELL WORTH IT! ;)
VicvicMay 11, 2016
You can watch survivor on CBS . Com- chromecast it to your tv. :)
Yeshua87May 14, 2016
Amazon Fire TV, ROKU, and several other dongles have a CBS app. It is $5/mo. Don't squander your hard earned money on an Apple TV.
krista325May 11, 2016
I want to be able to watch Teen Wolf again and Little Women and The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead!! :)
cap7516May 10, 2016
HULU is not an option till all media has 5.1 audio. Stereo is NOT acceptable.
Wjshields801May 08, 2016
I already have both Netflix and Hulu. Hulu is becoming more of a disappointment because shows I used to be able to access the entire series or at leadt the entire seasons are now being cut back to just 5 episodes max and in some cases, it isnt even the last 5 episodes.
TinaTechnMay 08, 2016
nope. its only $15 more for vs just internet in my bundle. internet is $$$$$ in Miami though :(
tjbrunson1May 08, 2016
I'm definitely a HULU-gan and I can't wait for this new offering.
Kittygirl02May 07, 2016
Its a no brainer that's for sure, we have been with Hulu for a while now and if they do this ya CUT all
jhedmondsonMay 07, 2016
Will cut
noelsexpressMay 06, 2016
Oh my...I just type 3 paragraphs, clicked "Add Comment", it said I had to sign in; and, when I did, I lost all that I had written! Is it really gone? Well, I will have to get back to you in regards to what I would recommend in a Media Provider. Noel R.
tr1plicationMay 10, 2016
Thanks for the heads up! You shouldn't lose your comments just because you need to sign in :)
babyzillaMay 06, 2016
Time to cut cable.
ta144415May 06, 2016
the price is right - the walking dead - reality shows - bravo shows - project runway

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