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I Updated To iOS 10 & I'm Not Sure How To Feel About It

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September 15, 2016 · 3.9k Views

I don’t have any plans to upgrade to an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus anytime soon, but I was excited to update to iOS 10. I watched the live Apple event last week in addition to reading much about the latest update, so I was eager to see how it would perform on my phone. After reading about iPhones crashing and whatnot during the update, I grew hesitant because my phone is a bit older as the iPhone 6, but it worked out fine for my friend. I decided to give it a shot, and it didn’t give me any trouble (*sigh of relief*). Here are my thoughts about some of its interesting features.

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Of course, iMessage was probably the feature I was most excited about. Apple’s little preview was enough to completely lure me into upgrading, so I had high expectations. However, after updating, I was overwhelmed. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it (although it’s only been one day). I think everything is cool, but it takes getting used to (as with all new things).

I was perfectly content with being able to send basic messages, emojis, pictures, and videos because to be honest, that’s all I need when I communicate with people. But now, you can send custom and personalized animations with a simple tap or swipe, communicate via GIFs and pictures found in the endless library known as the Internet, and even share music. Is it too much? Maybe for now, but who knows, it might grow on me.

The possibilities are now endless with iMessage. The new Digital Touch allows you to physically write or draw a custom message, and it will replay for the recipient in the form of a short animation. This feature is compatible with basic drawings or full-blown recordings (which can only be a max of 10 seconds). I like that it's more interactive and personal, and you can keep these messages to replay in the future. The basic tutorial is also appreciated! 

Much like Facebook’s newest update, you can also react to messages. Simply touch and hold down on the message to which you want to react, and you’ll get to choose from several different reactions. What I don’t like about this feature is that you get a notification within the iMessage window that your friend has “Loved [message].” It’s unnecessary because I can see their reaction, too.

Some of the emojis - the people - have been updated, as well. They’re more realistic-looking, and they’re definitely more inclusive (both genders are featured and there are single parents!!). If you send a message only with emojis, they’ll be bigger, too.


You can also do cool things like send hidden messages and photos that the recipient will have to tap and swirl around to reveal. To access Send with effect, type your iMessage, and hold down the blue up arrow until the options appear. It's pretty neat! Basic things like sending photos and videos have been updated so that everything is more easily accessible.


Lock Screen, Notifications, and Widget Panel

A few things have changed with the Lock Screen and your Home button as well. Now, to unlock your phone, you press the Home button. This is probably the most annoying thing I have to get used to because I’m constantly swiping to unlock, but this is a minor detail. Push notifications have been given a facelift, and now you can still see your cute background picture when they appear.

I've noticed that push notifications that appear at the top of the screen when you're actively using your phone aren't as responsive as they used to be. I used to be able to swipe them away swiftly, but now it seems to require a more conscious effort on my part to actually place my finger on the notification and swipe up. I do like that when you receive a text message or iMessage, you can pull down to see your recent conversation and reply in case you forgot the context versus the previous iOS that only lets you see the sender's most recent message. 

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If you swipe to the right from your Lock Screen, you’ll see the new Widget Panel. You can easily add, remove, and reorder the widgets on the page to include apps that you use most often. This is Apple’s form of convenience - you can “[get] timely information from your favorite apps at a glance.” Swipe to the left and you’re at the Camera.


Honorable Mentions

Another cool new feature worth mentioning (and I think we can all agree!) is that you can now delete all those unwanted apps that were previously un-deletable. I'm talking the Compass, Stocks, Voice Memos, etc. apps under Utilities. Hooray! I'm so excited for the extra storage space. Notes has also been updated with the options to add pictures, bubbles to check off, and writing and highlighting. Great for to-do lists and shopping lists! 


I'm still not positive if I love iOS 10 yet, but I'll give it a few days (or weeks?) to see if it'll grow on me. Have you updated to the latest iOS? Let us know what you think in the comments below! We'd also love to hear any cool new features you've found that we missed!


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Lemon123Sep 18, 2016
Is these the new function of iOS 10 ? My Android phone also has the function, no so much improvement.
AcaroneSep 18, 2016
i was kinda thinking the same thing..