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If You Liked Stranger Things on Netflix, You Should Also Watch These Shows

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September 02, 2016 · 13.3k Views

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Have you seen the TV show/cultural phenomenon Stranger Things? If not, stop everything you're doing and WATCH IT NOW. You will thank me, I promise. It's on Netflix, the home of all things good and pure. If you have watched Stranger Things, congratulations. You've made a good choice in your life. You have consumed something so purely wonderful, innocent, well crafted and touching that you are probably sitting there at your desk/couch/comfortable tile floor, basking in the beauty of it all. 

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Or maybe I'm being melodramatic? Well, I'm definitely being melodramatic but that's fine. It's warranted. Good TV is a true blessing in our lives and I dare you to tell me otherwise. 

So, you're done with Stranger Thangs. You stretch and stare around the room, easy glee playing on your face. All is right in the world. Then you realize....it's over! IT'S OVER. Not forever (Season 2 is in the works as we speak, thank you Duffer Brothers and Netflix Gods) but for now. What's next? We're here to help you out with that.

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Please enjoy our handy guide to what you should watch next if you loved Stranger Things. This list is better then the other lists (so much better) because we've helpfully divided our recommendations into sections based on what you loved most about Stranger Things. So, what did you love the most about Stranger Things? Besides Barb. And Steve's hair. Skip to that section now and see what we have waiting for you! 


If It's All About the Supernatural Magic-ish.

Show: Fringe 

 Rating: 8.5/10 

Plot Summary/Synopsis: Living in a world much like our own, strange phenomenon begins to happen. Then it blossoms. Then it erupts into a full-blown conspiracy of epic proportions.

Best Character: I want to say Olivia (namesake connection) but I'm gonna have to go with the always wacky, always entertaining Walter. 

How It Relates: If you love the sci-fi aspect and well-done, detail-oriented TV, this one is for you. The kind of insane things that happen in this show will be sure to delight. You get to see unlikely characters navigate the landscape of a world unraveling. 

The Trailer

Two-Line Pitch: Like Stranger Things, this is sci-fi TV at it's finest. You will find compelling characters, a beautifully blossoming story line and amazing special effects that feel natural.


If You Love the 80s. 

Show: Halt and Catch Fire

Rating: 8.2/10

Plot Summary/Synopsis: This show is a compelling tale of greed, talent, and manipulation in the era when computers and the internet were coming to fruition. It's set in the 80s and it's full of captivating characters, a blissfully frenetic pace and a fictional tale about a very real time. 

Best Character: Unlike so many tech-related shows, the ladies really bring it here (looking at you, Silicon Valley). My favorite character is a tie between the brilliant, albeit unstable prodigy Cameron and the sharp, practical Donna. What's even better is the inter-play between the two!

How It Relates: If you love the 80s, you're going to love this show. It's able to capture much more then the clothing and the looks of that time period, but the spirit and the soul of it, at least in relation to the burgeoning computer science field.

The Trailer:

Two-Line Pitch: Strong, interesting characters with a lot to lose and even more to gain. Watch this show to satisfy your lust for all the 80s and your love of great TV. 


If You Like How Spooky and Creepy It Is.

Show: American Horror Story

Rating: 8.2/10

Plot Summary/Synopsis: American Horror Story is a dark, twisted show that switches up it's theme and plot line with each season. Past seasons have been set in a haunted Asylum, a witches' coven, and a circus freak show. You will be scared, you will be unnerved and you will love it. 

Best Character: That's a tough one. The revolving door of characters means you won't ever get too comfortable. But I'd vote pretty much any character that the force of nature Jessica Lange plays. 

How It Relates: Stranger Things is kid-friendly horror. It's creepy, it's scary, but it doesn't touch on some of the darker, adult themes that AHS does. If you liked that eerie feeling you got when you saw scenes from the Upside Down, this one's for you. 

The Trailer:

Two-Line Pitch: Enthralling horror TV that constantly re-invents itself and serves you up new ways to be scared at every turn. This show is complex, it's dark, and it's engaging in a way that many "scary" shows aim for, but never reach. 

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If You Appreciate the Time Period Realness.

Show: 11/22/63

Rating: 8.3/10

Plot Summary/Synopsis: Like all things Stephen King, this show is dark, brilliant and masterful. The show centers around Jake Epping, a man that is inadvertently sent back in time to the 1960s.

Best Character: My favorite character has to be miss Sadie Dunhill. She is breath-takingly beautiful, strong-willed, and a complex character that is both fun and unnerving to watch. 

How It Relates: Just like Stranger Things, this mini-series (borne out of the book from Stephen King) is set in a fully realized world that feels genuine and somehow familiar. Then, throw in the mystical, sci-fi twist and you have a truly powerful story to watch. It's masterfully done and every twist and turn feels gravely important. You care deeply about the characters and that makes their experiences all the more engaging and painful. 

The Trailer:

Two-Line Pitch: If you want to time travel back to the early 1960s, this show will spark your interest and deliver. You will be amazed, you will be surprised and you will feel like you've been transported to a forgotten time!


If You're Crying because You Love It So Much and You Just Need Something to Fill that Hole Inside of You. 

Show: Black Mirror

Rating: 8.8/10

Plot Summary/Synopsis: Black Mirror is a British show that truly lives up to it's hype. Each episode is a seeming unrelated scenario that taps into a world much like ours, with a twist. The show is a meditation on humans' relationship to technology, morality and punishment. 

Best Character: This show is story-based rather then character based. I will say that my favorite episode was "Entire History of You".

How It Relates: This is just a truly unique, fascinating piece of satire. It will make you think about things in a way you may not have ever considered. Like Stranger Things, it's a piece of work that makes you laugh, cry and feel deeply. 

The Trailer

Two-Line Pitch: This show is a true piece of genius. It examines humanity, technology, retribution, and the future in a truly unique way. If you're looking for another show to fall in love with, this one's for you. 


Honorable Mentions: 

Still not satisfied? Here's a list of other awesome shows you can check out while you lie desperately in wait for season 2 of Stranger Things. 

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Jessica Jones  

Steven Universe  

True Detective 

Making a Murderer 

Scream Queens

Bates Motel 

Jane the Virgin



Hopefully this list has helped you sort out what show you'd like to sink your teeth into next. Binge-watching is the purest form of admiration, after all. Whatever you watch next, don't forget that Season 2 of Stranger Things has been announced and will be coming for your weekends sometime in 2017. You can watch the cryptic trailer here! What will you be watching in the meantime?! 😃


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The lovechild of Liz Lemon & Chandler Bing. NY native who brilliantly relocated to California and hasn't looked back since (take that SNOW). Fan of TV, writing, and using memes. I am in a committed relationship with my tumblr and if that's wrong then I don't want to be right.
doremiSep 04, 2016
I have watched the season 1 of Strange Things and loved it so much, really so excited to see the S2.

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