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The Ins and Outs of Selling To and Through Amazon

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October 22, 2015 · 1.8k Views

If you’ve ever shopped online, you already know Amazon is one of the premier places to get what you need. On Amazon, you can pretty much find anything and everything you will ever need – if not directly through them, then through an aggregate or a partner retailer. All these options have definitely turned them into the biggest (and probably most powerful) online retailer to date.

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In the past several years, Amazon has expanded beyond being just a retailer and into the realm of allowing their own customers to become retailers as well. This move has dramatically increased their inventory, and it has given outsiders the chance to benefit as well.

With these types of seller platforms, Amazon allows businesses and individuals of all sizes to conduct trade through their channels. All it takes is site approval and sellers can list hundreds of items for sale (while complying to Amazon’s rules, of course). One of the biggest perks of selling through the site, aside from their incredible reach and traffic rates, is there are no posting fees. The site takes a small percentage for each transaction, but listing itself is completely free. A positive factor against many of their competitors.

Shoppers can give feedback on their experience to let sellers know if they have anything on which they can improve, and to let future shoppers know what they’re getting themselves into. Perhaps the best feature for shoppers, however, is the open comments. Customers can openly express their opinions on products or companies, allowing future browsers to search by review levels. Those searching for “fulfilled by Amazon” items can shop peacefully knowing that the company itself will safely pack and ship their items.

Another option is selling directly to Amazon; a perk that is most often used by those with only one or two things to sell. It works by searching said item – from a book to a movie to electronics, etc. – and then clicking on the “sell to Amazon” link. They’ll then tell you how much it’s worth and what condition is considered acceptable. The site even pays shipping both ways, and fulfills its debt with a credit to your account. Considering how many things can be purchased through Amazon, the credit as good as cash (sssuming you get more than $35 back, you’ll also get free shipping with your next purchase).

Online shopping has become an everyday norm thanks to the age of Amazon. However, it can also be a great place to earn money, whether selling multiple goods or just cleaning up around the house. Consider looking into the Amazon logistics for a quick way to earn some extra bucks!

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