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16 Interesting Kitchen Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 29, 2016 · 3.8k Views

You might be an expert in kitchen, whipping up meals so elegant you could be on shows like Top Chef. Or maybe you’re completely inexperienced, unable to cook anything without burning it. Whatever your skill level, you can always learn something new to help you when it comes to making breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Whether you can barely boil water or you’re so experienced you can make gourmet dishes with ease, here are some kitchen hacks you likely never knew but could incorporate into your cooking routine.

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  1. Bake - don’t fry - your bacon.

    Source: chefdoughty.com
    When you order breakfast from a restaurant, it always comes out so perfect. It’s not overcooked or crispy. The secret? Baking it in the oven. That’s right, instead of using a frying pan, pop your bacon in the oven at 400 degrees and you’ll see the difference!
  2. Cut through a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once.

    Source: sweetswaps.com
    Cherry tomatoes can be a great addition to a variety of dishes, but they’re oh so annoying to cut. Wish there was a way to cut a whole bunch of them at one time? You’re in luck because there is a way! First, get two lids that are the same size. With the inner part facing up, place a lid up and cover it with cherry tomatoes. Sandwich them inside by putting the other lid on top. Hold the lid down so it’s tight and cut through all of them with a knife. All of the cherry tomatoes will be cut cleanly.
  3. Have pancake batter ready at all times.

    Source: homehacks.com
    Thoroughly clean out an empty ketchup bottle. Fill it with pancake batter and keep it in the fridge. You can squeeze the batter onto a frying pan and easily make pancakes whenever you want.
  4. Use cookie cutters to make cool pancake shapes.

    Source: roxyskitchen.com
    Speaking of pancakes, here’s a way to make fun pancakes instead of the standard circular ones. Make breakfast more exciting by using cookie cutters to create fun shapes. It’s easy to do. Just place the cookie cutters in the frying pan, pour in the batter and watch it rise! Bonus tip: You can do this with eggs too!
  5. Get eggshells out of the bowl.

    Source: architecturedesign.net
    It never fails. You crack an egg into a bowl and a few pieces of eggshell find their way inside. It seems almost impossible to get them out. But the trick is very simple: just wet your fingers. The eggshell bits should stick right to your fingers so you can pull them out without ruining your recipe.
  6. Keep guacamole fresh.

    Source: today.com
    Guacamole is hard to keep fresh. It’s often brown and unappealing by the next day. Keep it green and delicious by placing it in a container and adding a thin layer of water to the top. The water will preserve the guacamole. Just pour out the water when you’re ready to eat.
  7. Soften butter in minutes.

    Source: bellesblog.co.za
    There’s nothing worse than having dinner ready and realizing that you forget to take out the butter. How embarrassing! Your guests aren’t going to want to deal with hard butter. Luckily, there’s a quick fix to make your guests happy. Warm up a small glass by running hot water over it or putting it in the microwave for a few seconds. Place the glass over the butter and the butter will quickly soften.
  8. Peel garlic quickly and easily.

    Source: giphy.com
    Remove garlic peels one by one can drive you nuts. You might end up ruining your fingernails or ruin the garlic in the process. Here’s an ingenious way to get those pesky peels off without the mess. Grab two bowls that are the same size. Place a head of garlic in one of the bowls. Place the other bowl on top so you get a closed container. You can also just use a jar and a lid. Shake vigorously for about a minute and look inside. You should see all the peels removed. 
  9. Use this sugar substitute.

    Source: ehow.com
    Run out of sugar but need it for a recipe? Unsweetened apple sauce works just as well.
  10. Keep salad fresh.

    Source: popsugar.com
    Keep your salad from going bad so quickly by placing it in a bag and then blowing into it. Seal it up and the salad will stay fresh longer.
  11. Keep brown sugar from hardening.

    Source: food52.com
    When brown sugar compacts, it becomes very hard and unusable. This can be frustrating when it comes time to use it. You can keep it from getting hard by placing a slice of bread or marshmallow in the bag with the brown sugar. If it’s too late and the sugar has already hardened, you can still save it. Place it in a baking dish and put a wet paper towel over it. Pop the sugar in the microwave for 20 seconds and it’ll become soft again.
  12. Check the freshness of your eggs.

    Source: blog.pactcoffee.com
    Here’s a quick and easy way to tell if your egg is fresh. Place it in a glass of water. If it’s fresh, it’ll sink to the bottom. If it rises a little, it needs to be used soon because it’s going bad. If the egg floats to the top, it’s bad and should be discarded.
  13. Cut cakes perfectly.

    Source: huffingtonpost.com
    Has it ever happened to you that you try to cut a cake and most of it ends up on the knife? Cut a cake, cheese, or other soft solid perfectly by using unscented dental floss.
  14. Make ice cubes look better.

    Source: thekitchn.com
    Ice cubes are typically cloudy because they’re made of cold water. Make ice cubes crystal clear by using boiling water instead.
  15. Easily shuck corn.

    Source: giphy.com
    Tired of unwrapping corn leaf by leaf and getting all those little strings everywhere? There’s an easier and cleaner way. First, place the corn on a cutting board. Cut off the end with the stem and stand up the corn on the end you just cut. Grab the top and tug on the leaves. The corn should fall right off.
  16. Keep pots from boiling over.

    Source: scienceabc.com
    A boiled-over pot can make such a mess. Prevent this from happening by placing a wooden utensil over a boiling pot. The contents will stay put inside.


We can all use a little help in the kitchen, and the hacks above are sure to save you some time so you can spend more time with loved ones. These cool tricks may even impress your guests when you host your next party. If you don’t have a party planned, now’s the time to have one so you can show off your new skills.


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CassieWizardAug 30, 2016
Well, she's not kidding about baking bacon. I didn't do this until my late 40's. Wow I wish I'd known this sooner.