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Is Kroger the Next (Better) Walmart?

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August 26, 2016 · 5.7k Views

According to The Robin Report, Kroger is the third-largest employer in the nation with over 431,000 employees just after Walmart and UPS. As one of the largest and most profitable supermarkets, Kroger is in competition with other popular supermarket retailers like Walmart and Target and here’s some plans they have up their sleeve.


What’s Kroger?

For those who have not heard of Kroger, the Kroger name brand is more familiar to those that reside in the East coast but you have no doubt came across and even visited some of their alternate supermarket brands: Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Harris-Teeter and Roundy’s. Kroger also has their own supermarket discount stores like Food 4 Less, Ruler Foods and Foods Co.

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How is the Kroger Marketplace different?



This year, Kroger launched a new and improved store format to improve in-store shopping experience and compete with the likes of Walmart and Target. The new store concept is called Kroger Marketplace and the Marketplace stores will expand to carry other items including home items, furniture, apparel, kitchen appliances, cafes and more.

Basically, everything you can find at Walmart and Target, you’ll be able to find at Kroger Marketplace and… maybe even a little more.

According to Business Insider, Kroger currently have 120 stores which are Marketplace stores and you should see some expansion changes happening at your local store very soon.


Exciting improvements at Kroger Marketplace

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Kroger Marketplace expands into the home furniture category and you'll have probably seen a few of these furniture set ups at your local Marketplace already.


Also in the massive Marketplace space, aside from doing your weekly grocery haul, you'll also be able to drop by their home section and browse bed and bath items.


You can start or end your Kroger trip with Starbucks now conveniently located in-stores!


Kroger Marketplace also added upscale elements to their Marketplace locations by offering prepared foods, a massive wine selection, in-store bar like The Growler Bar depicted above and more.


You can do your wine tasting here too. Talk about an all-in-one adventure at your local market right?


Check out their Fresh Meals kitchen! You can now hop into your local Marketplace and pick up lunch or dinner and you have prepared foods or made to order options.


They also have grab & go sections strategically placed and sliced fresh throughout the day so you don't have to wait in line.


Just picking up a few items and don't want to wait in line? Kroger now has popular self-checkouts.


Check out their expanded produce section! 


They even have a fitting room if you want to try on clothes. Never seen that at my local grocery store before.


Kroger is also adjusting their pricing strategy to compete with Walmart

The Robin Report recently revealed that Kroger is adjusting it's pricing structure to compete against Walmart. How? They've recently cut prices on 1,000 items in their Marketplace locations. With the recent price cuts, Kroger is also in the works to add 14,000 store-based team members nationwide for both part-time and full-time jobs. See if your local Krogers is hiring now!

Also in competing for lower prices, the company has a successful private branded program that allows for lower prices across specialty and organic food items which will also give them some competitive advantage against popular speciality markets like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market. You may be able to recognize some of their more popular private labels:

  • Big K
  • Wholesome Home
  • Comforts for Baby
  • Private Selection
  • Simple Truth
  • Simple Truth Organics
  • HemisFares

Overall, looks like the new Kroger Marketplace and pricing strategy has it all. You can shop from lower price brand name groceries like Walmart, have a sip of beer or wine with your fresh meal similar to Whole Foods and shop home decorations, furniture, jewelry and entertainment as you would in markets like Target. Although we can't speak for whether all Kroger Marketplace may have these expanded features, Kroger seem to be working hard to focus on improving in-store shopping experience so who knows what they may launch next. 

What's your local Kroger Marketplace like?


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