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10 Last-Minute Travel Tips for a Great Getaway

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
June 10, 2016 · 1.9k Views

Whether it is for work or a spontaneous getaway, last minute travel can be exciting. Unfortunately, that excitement is often accompanied by stress and extra expenses. Airline tickets can sky rocket if you wait too long, and hotels can be booked solid or overpriced. Not to mention you still have to gather everything you need to pack.

Keep calm, we have combined a list of the top 10 last minute travel hacks to keep you smiling on the runway and enjoying your adventure. After all, travel is meant to be fun.


1. Check Websites for Last Minute Deals

Source: Groupon

Booking your flight two weeks before can be expensive, but booking your flight two days ago can be a steal. While it’s risky to wait, airlines and hotels will usually sell empty rooms and seats at a discounted price when they think they won’t sell in time. Check out websites like Groupon and Kayak for last minute deals. Some deals can be found for as low as $20. Also, follow your favorite airlines on social media to be alerted about last minute deals via twitter.

Visit DealsPlus to find coupons and deals to use at Groupon and Kayak.

2. There’s an App for That

Need a hotel…like…tonight? Download the app Hotel Tonight from the Apple Store or Google Play to receive special discounts on unsold rooms.

3. Pack Light

Source: Be Roomers

It’s easy to get flustered and pack your entire closet “just in case” you might need something. Try sticking to the following packing essentials and mix and match, with just 9 items you can make up to 9 different items:

  • Black Fitted Pants
  • Pair of Fitted jeans
  • Sweater
  • Leather Jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Grey T-shirt
  • Printed T-shirt
  • White T-shirt
  • Black Pencil Skirt

Throw in a couple of versatile bags, 3 pairs of flats, and one pair of heels, and you are set for any occasion! Try to stick to just a carry-on and a large tote if it’s possible.

4. Hit the Pharmacy

Don’t go through the hassle of trying to fit your favorite products into those tiny travel sized containers, chances are you will forget something the morning of your flight anyway! Visit the pharmacy and stock up on travel-size versions of deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner. Toss them into your carry on the night before and you have one less thing to worry about.

Don't forget! Use DealsPlus to find coupons and deals from your favorite pharmacies and drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.

5. Try to Leave Mid-Week

Source: Mporta

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days for airfare. If you are able to push your travel up or back by a couple of days you can literally save hundreds of dollars per ticket.

6. Leave Your Expectations at the Door

Planning everything to go exactly your way sounds great…when you have the time. For those last minute travel plans it’s best to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude. Take this time to discover new favorites, and gain some new horror stories that are the cocktail party worthy.

7. Take Care of Sparky

Source: Rover

It can be difficult finding someone to walk and care for your pets at the last minute. Check out sites like Rover to find last minute dog boarding, house sitting, doggy daycare and dog walking services.

8. Book Your Ride from the Gate

Not enough time to book a car in advance? Fortunately, a new app, limos.com, is the perfect solution. Consider the app a kind of high-class Uber offering town cars, SUV’s, and of course limos. All drivers are professional chauffeurs (in case you don’t feel comfortable riding with total strangers) and you receive an instant e-mail confirmation when your ride has been booked. You can easily book last minute pick-ups, and the best part is that the service is about 40 percent less than normal town car prices.

9. Check Your Documents

Source: Standwood Washington

Double check that all of your travel documents are up to date and aren’t about to expire. Try out an app like It's Easy. Not only does the app allow you to set a reminder when it’s almost time to renew your passport, it also allows you to fill out required information and order a new one within 3 weeks.

10. Get Those Coveted Reservations

Last minute travels usually means it’s too late to score reservations to that new hot-spot you’ve been trying to check out. Once again wonderful technology steps in to save the day! Download the app Shout, known as the craigslist of reservations. Diners actually sell their coveted fining spots so you never have to worry about not having a reservation. Prices range from $7 to $50 for a reservation.


With the right attitude, the right apps, and the perfect weekend bag, last minute traveling can be an incredible memory in the making. Just remember to bring along your sense of humor and appetite for adventure. 


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Jacqueline is a modern day gypsy, who has lived in several countries and has traveled to over 20. A sucker for all things pleasing to the senses; her world revolves around food (any and all food), foreign indie films, and salsa music. The first to jump off a waterfall and the last to say no to sushi, she has been described as a bit of an “extremist”. In her perfect world, no one ever spells “cool” as “kool” and Ryan Gosling has more tattoos. She enjoys spending her free time in her New Orleans home with her Cubano guitarist husband and 1-year-old son.
MissesSunshineJun 10, 2016
I used HotelTonight recently and it worked out really well. Great tips, thanks!

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