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Last Minute Valentine’s Shopping Gift Guide

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February 13, 2018 · 1.7k Views

Valentine’s Day fast approaches! Are you still stuck without a gift? Fear not! Last minute deals are not only easy to come by, but are in every market. The key the getting the perfect gift is to remember who you are buying it for. Is your partner sporty? Nerdy? Adventurous? Check out our quick guide to get the most out of your last minute shopping--and really wow that special somebody.

The Fashionista: Does your Valentine enjoy the fashionable things in life? Makeup, perfumes, and clothing are great gifts but can be hard to buy if you feel clueless on the subject. Clothing in particular is a personal style choice--so gift cards are a great way to avoid the dreaded return trip. Buy from favorite stores, or more expensive stores that they normally would not justify shopping at.

As for makeup you can’t go wrong with a good trusted brand--Maybelline, Lancome, Benefit to name a few. And don’t be afraid to ask for help The beauty specialists at makeup stores are trained to pick out what would work best. You can bring a picture of your Valentine to match skin tone, or take pictures of things they already own when asking for suggestions.

If you still don’t feel confident, add the personal touch and make a day of it. Treat your partner to a shopping trip just for them with the promise that you will buy. Go to the big mall or an iconic store in your area. Not only will you impress with the gifts you buy, but your willingness to spend time on a hobby they enjoy.

The Foodie: Food can be romantic experience, especially when your Valentine is already a foodie. An easy choice is to make reservations at their favorite restaurant, or perhaps one that is normally out of your price range. Feeling daring? Shake things up by going for a new and unique experience. Try a cuisine you have never had, or find one of those trendy themed restaurants (like the one where you eat in the dark). Good food and your company is sure to succeed.

Staying in can be equally as romantic. Turn on the Food Network and take a crack at making a full course home cooked meal. Even if you aren’t the best cook, the gesture is sure to warm their heart. And if you enjoy cooking together, consider buying a nice cookware set or a small appliance you don’t own. A waffle maker could be the first step towards a breakfast in bed surprise!

The Sporty One: For active, athletic people, sports apparel and gear is always a good go to. Things wear out quickly with a fast paced lifestyle and having extra is always welcome. If you want to go more non-traditionalist, why not get tickets to a college or professional game. Being up near the action is sure to light up their day. Do they have a gym membership? Buying one or offering to take over a current one is a great way to support their hobbies and training.

Up for a challenge? Why not go to your local park and play your Valentine in their favorite sport. Even if they steamroll you, you are showing an interest in what they love and learning more about them.

The Techy: Nothing makes a techy heart happier than accessories and add ons for their favorite possessions. You can buy a new laptop or phone case, a carrying case, and more. Do they love the thrill of new technology? Buy them something unique and different, not necessarily practical. A new VR headset perhaps?

Fun outings work for the tech lover too. Is there a technology museum near you? Or an iconic landmark? Go on a factory tour of a fun warehouse and see how things are made. Learn how things tick, and how time together makes you tick.

The Gamer: An easy go to for the gamer in your life is of course: games! Card games, board games, video games--something new and interesting to occupy their mind and capture their imagination. If buying a video game, make sure to buy games or accessories compatible with a system they currently have. If you aren’t sure, ask! A Wii is not a Wii U, and a Steam gift card is useless on a Mac. If you want to go all out, consider getting them that console they are missing--and be sure to throw in a few games to test it out. Most consoles come with one controller, so nab an extra for yourself so you can play together.

Consider POP figures and merchandise as well. Places like Hot Topic have shirts and accessories for many popular games and your Valentine would love to be able to display their passion.

The Adventurous One: Your adventurous Valentine craves new experiences--so be the one to provide them. Go on an outdoor excursion together, see a concert, or visit that nearby landmark you’ve always talked about. Sightsee around your own city as a tourist, checking out those spots you never bothered to before. Make sure to pick places or experiences that reflect your Valentine’s personality. Sky-diving sounds fun until you learn of a hidden fear of heights! If your partner is a puzzle lover, consider doing an escape room together.

Stuck on ideas? Head to Groupon or Living to see fun and discounted experiences in your area!

The Traditionalist: Perhaps your Valentine is old-fashioned, or maybe the relationship is just too new to pick out something so specific. You can never go wrong with chocolate, flowers, and a good old card! Any gesture shows that you are willing to put in the effort, and that you care about your growing romance. Many online flower delivery stores offer discounts leading up to the big day--as do chocolate stores like Godiva. If you want to be sure not to miss out, consider calling or driving directly to your local florist.


No matter how cheesy it sounds, the old adage is right: it’s the thought that counts. Do you best to impress your Valentine with a gift unique to them. Your hard work will pay off, and they will be touched that you thought of them in a special way.

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sonialilyAug 17, 2018
happy chinese Valentine’s day, today it is chinese Valentine’s day.
ShaneqiuJul 27, 2018
GavincocoMay 29, 2018
Wvborn57Feb 13, 2018
Great article with some great ideas! Now I need to get shopping!
mashpotatomezzoFeb 13, 2018
Great article! I love all the well thought out ideas that go beyond traditional Valentine's Day gifts, especially all the "experience" gifts. Nothing more fun than trying something new with someone you love!