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Lexar P10 Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 Review

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August 08, 2013 · 1.4k Views

Initial impressions

Right out of the box, the Lexar P10 flash drive makes a solid impression and looks really cool. It has a stainless steel bottom that looks durable and a raised polished top that may (or may not) take an impact well. The thumb is a little hard to push out, but that is probably by design. Other thumb drives can accidentally extend in your pocket or elsewhere, which can damage the USB connector. The connector on this drive is practically locked in, so there aren’t any worries about damaging your investment with loose change.

However, it takes more than a great looking design to make a flash drive, especially for one that retails from $120 to $150. With an actual capacity of 59.6 gigabytes (that’s about 64.03 billion bytes), it can fit roughly 15,000 songs or 75 movies, but even more impressive is just how fast that much data can transfer.

Speed testing

This is a USB 3.0 flash drive. While it will work with USB 2.0 enabled computers, the drive cannot reach its full potential without the faster speed of USB 3.0 (up to 10 times faster to be exact) but you will still notice a difference when using it with a USB 2.0 connection. When testing via USB 2.0 the P10 was almost 3 times as fast as our control drive, transferring 5.5GB in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Our control drive (a Leef Fuse 16GB) took about 10 minutes to make the transfer.

While the results using a USB 2.0 connection are quite good, it is not until you try transferring via USB 3.0, that this drive shows its bona fides. Transferring the same 5.5GB of data through a USB 3.0 connection took just a hair over one minute on the Lexar P10 while the control drive showed no significant change. It’s easy to see why, the P10 has the potential to read up to 265MB/s and write at 245MB/s. These specs make the drive extremely fast (up to 24x faster than USB 2.0); In fact it’s the fastest USB 3.0 drive we could find.

Where to get it

This drive is pricey but, depending on your needs, can definitely be worth the money. If you’re the type who doesn’t have a lot of data, the 16GB version of the P10 retails for around $45 on Amazon and is probably the better bet for you. However, if you store a lot of files for school (especially art students!) or you like to travel with your media library available, then the 64GB model we tested is highly recommended and can be purchased for around $120 at Amazon. The versatility of this drive offers you the ability to seamlessly save, backup, and share a lot of data at blazing fast speeds.

To sum it up in just eight words, you’ll never use your other flash drives again.

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