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12 Ways You Can Save Even More at Macy's

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June 13, 2016 · 15.2k Views

For those who don’t frequent Macy’s that often. Maybe it's time to start. I was rummaging through some old posts from DealsPlus members and came across this post by member shimisi. Inspired by the simple tips from the post, I wanted to expand on some listed and other ways to save at Macy’s. Afterall, this major department store has so many deals to offer, they’re just hidden in coupons, special sales and promotions. Know where to look and you’ll collect all the savings.

Macy’s is also a one stop shop for browsing some of our favorite brands like Michael Kors, Coach to pretty things at the beauty counters (ahem Marc Jacobs, Benefit and Lancome to name a few). Macy’s fans will probably recognize a few in this list of tips below but hopefully you’ll learn something new! On the other hand, if you haven’t been taking advantage of these Macy’s sales and coupons circulating every week or so… well I guess you must treat yourself very often.

Coupons, coupons everywhere.

That’s really where the magic of Macy’s really is guys. They always have some kind of sale, discount promotion or site wide savings going on so it's a can’t miss deal if you just check out Macys.com. As a matter of fact, I think shopping via their online portal is a lot less of a headache when you can easily spot what’s on sale and a central location where all deals and coupons are located. The bonus is shopping from bed.


Ask for coupons at the register.

I have definitely done this one a couple times when I forgot my Star or Wow passes at home. The Macy’s team is incredibly helpful and usually apply a coupon offer if they have an offer running. Otherwise, they tend to direct me to more budget friendly options so that’s a bonus too!

Bonus tip: found a slight defect? Ask for a discount. Chances are, you’ll get it.


Macy’s free shipping hack.

Macy’s offers free shipping on all beauty items. So what that means is if you just add one of their beauty item to your cart, you'll get free shipping (even if it is not $99 or over). Suggestion? Add a cheap beauty item in your cart to grab this offer. 


First stop should be the clearance racks.

In-store shoppers, the overflowing clearance racks is where you want to be. Macy’s has a dedicated clearance spot where you can sift through piles of clearance deals from 40-75% off. Additional coupons can be used on top of sale offers.

Bonus tip: clothing, handbags and accessories are discounted very well in clearance section but we recommend holding off on shoe purchase until major sales.


A better way to keep track of coupons.

There’s such a thing as the Macy’s My Wallet which is basically a digital wallet. You can also add Star or Wow Passes to your digital wallet once you’ve created an account and add your Macy’s Credit Card to it online at Macys.com.  

With My Wallet, you can head to Macy’s deals and promotion page AND their My Wallet page and easily add any and all offers to your digital wallet. That wallet can then be accessed anywhere from desktop, tablet or your Macy’s app. Pretty good way to keep tabs on Macy’s right?


Emails & text alerts = you get first dibs on Macy’s coupons.

In a world where every retail store is out to get you to use their apps and want to share all their fantastic deals with you… maybe consider accepting a select few. If Macy’s happen to be one of your favorite stores, consider opting into their text alerts or email newsletter. You would get advance notice of some of their top sales (think Macy’s One Day sales) and available coupons (think $10 off $25 coupons).

Oh, and you get a discount offer as soon as you sign up. Extra 20% off.


Connect to Macy’s Wi-Fi.

On your next in-store visit, try connecting to Macy’s wi-fi and you just might get rewarded with an extra 10% off. This may not work for all stores but… worth a try. Tell us how it goes for you in the comments below!


The best Macy’s sales.

I would highly suggest looking out for their “One Day Sale” or “Super Saturday Sale”. Despite offering huge sales day, Macy’s is friendly enough to launch and also let us use their famed $10 off $25 or $20 off $50 coupons on top of the sale. You can easily access these coupon codes or in-store coupons on this Macy’s page.

For special holidays and occasions, Macy’s will also host limited time sales. Near Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, July 4th or at the end of the season, take a quick look at Macy’s website and check out their current promotions.

Oh, and of course, Macy’s Black Friday is intensely awesome. Coupons optional. You can keep tabs on Macy’s Black Friday 2016 deals over at BlackFriday.fm. They were one of the first to release their Black Friday ads last year (which featured tons of doorbuster previews) so we’re expecting no less from them this year.  


Intro to the Plenti Card.

This is possibly one of the coolest rewards program to join. The Plenti Card allow members to earn and use their points across various stores from gas stations like Exxon and Mobil to entertainment like Hulu. The best perk of any program, it's also free to join.

With Plenti, shoppers earn points for every purchase and 1,000 points will get you $10 off your next Macy’s order. Plus, you can earn double points on beauty and fragrance purchases.


You can now trade in old clothes for Macy’s Gift Cards.

Macy’s has exciting new programs and initiatives but one really cool one they have is with online fashion resale, Thredup. They make it super easy for you too, Thredup will send you a clean out kit (free of charge), you pack up all your items and then just drop it off at the local USPS or FedEx Office. You can learn more about Thredup + Macy’s and start earning gift cards now.


Planning a big shopping spree? Wait for Macy’s Money Offer.

So on top of big sales and the abundance of coupons from Macy’s… they also offer Macy’s Money. This offer varies but usually last a week or two when it is available and during this time, you can earn $10 for every $50 spent, $15 for every $75 and so on.

Macy’s also list that shoppers are able to earn and use Macy’s Money online and in-store, on any brand AND on top of coupons and sale prices.


Macy's now have some outlet locations known as Macy's Backstage.

Yep. They are onto that off-price strategy that's made Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx a whopping success with shoppers. Macy's Backstage is now available in select states with no coupons needed for big savings. Find one near you now! Check it out and tell us how it is.

Are we missing anything? What’s your best buy at Macy’s?


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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
debbiebowling30Jun 14, 2016
Love macys, coupons make it better

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