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11 Magical Treehouses in 11 Countries

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August 21, 2017 · 3.5k Views

For your next vacation, think beyond the box of a traditional hotel room, try living in a treehouse! There’s a treehouse for every type of traveler, from the type that wants to unplug and connect with nature to those who want the 5-star luxury experience. Find the right tree house for you!

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1. Secluded Intown Treehouse

Secluded Intown Treehouse

Location: Atlanta, United States

Details: Named AirBnB’s #1 most wish-listed property in the world in 2016, this magical tree house comes with three rooms connected by a whimsical bridge adorned with fairy lights to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Price: From $375 per night


2. Aromantica Tree House

Aromantica Tree House

Location: San Salvatore Monferrato, Italy

Details: Enjoy panoramic views of the hills of Italy from your tree house home while taking in the scents of fresh linden trees. Take a dip in the gorgeous on-site pool or go for a short one-hour drive to explore nearby Milan.

Price: From $168 per night


3. Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres

Location: Qualicum Beach, Canada


Details: Not your typical traditional tree “house”, this unique sphere shaped home is nested among an amazing coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island. It’s available year round in sun or snow!

Price: From $140 per night


4. Modern Tree House in Galicia

Modern Tree House in Galicia

Location: Outes, Spain

Details: Just because you’re living amongst the trees doesn’t mean you have to rough it. This fancy tree house comes with modern furnishings, a jacuzzi, and breakfast service!

Price: From $157 per night


5. Rainforest Tree House with Hot Springs

Rainforest Tree House with Hot Springs

Location: Cooper, Costa Rica


Details: This spacious treehouse of 2 bedrooms and 3 beds is perfect for a family vacation. Relax and unwind with access to twelve natural hot and cool springs nearby.

Price: From $129 per night


6. Treehouse Blue Mountains

Treehouse Blue Mountains

Location: Bilpin, Australia

Details: This amazing treehouse is built entirely of glass walls so that stunning views of the Blue Mountains completely surrounds you. In the daytime, explore Wollemi National Park and at night experience the magical experience of stargazing amongst the mountains.

Price: From $805 per night


7. Vale De Silva Villas

Vale De Silva Villas

Location: Abergaria-A-Velha, Portugal

Details: Share your vacation home with 3 horses, 8 goats, sheep, ducks, dogs, and cats. Located in a beautiful countryside farm, a horseback ride is included free courtesy of the owner!

Price: From $66 per night


8. Hapuku Lodge Tree Houses

Hapuku Lodge Tree Houses

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

Details: If there was such a thing as a 5-star treehouse, Hapuku Lodge would be it! With gorgeous interiors and 3-course gourmet dinners, this luxury experience commands a price tag higher than many top tier hotels.

Price: From $840 per night


9. Cabin Perched in The Wood

Cabin Perched in The Wood

Location: Château-Bernard, France

Details: For a truly remote getaway, unplug and unwind at this little cabin perched on a magnificent fir tree. Powered by solar power, this home allows you to enjoy basic necessities but is so remote that the parking area is still a 10-minute walk to the home.

Price: From $168 per night


10. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall

Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall

Location: Helston, United Kingdom

Details: This whimsical little abode looks like it came straight out of a Roald Dahl children’s novel. Enjoy views of the Falmouth Bay while nesting among a cozy ash tree.

Price: From $147 per night


11. Magical Modern Bamboo Treehouse

Magical Modern Bamboo Treehouse

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Details: Live in a dazzling treehouse made entirely of bamboo and built above rice paddies. Perfect for an affordable romantic getaway!

Price: From $46 per night.

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Nancy1069Aug 25, 2017
Wonderful, my dream houses!
HubbardjAug 24, 2017
How much should I pay for this?
cloudy77Aug 24, 2017
If I go to travel, this will be a great choice, it can guarantee safety?
cassielmengAug 22, 2017
SabasiddiquiAug 21, 2017
Vare nice

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