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7 Major Changes That Will Make You Want To Shop At Walmart

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June 06, 2016 · 461k Views

At the annual retailer’s meeting, Walmart's chief merchandising officer announced their plans to test new Walmart supercenter houses. What exactly does that entail? Walmart has a gameplan in the works to re-format current large supercenter houses and they will be testing for a possible national remodeling of all their supercenters. The first Walmart supercenter to be reformatted is in Rogers, Arkansas and below, you'll find some sneak peeks to all the new features that aim to improve the overall shopping experience at Walmart. 

“We are spending a lot of time trying to bring enthusiasm back to the stores… We have the opportunity to re-imagine retail, again, so that's what we're out to do.” - Walmart Chief Merchandising Officer


How will the restructuring look like?

​Source: TechCrunch

It looks like the first Walmart supercenter to be reformatted so far is their own massive supercenter located in Rogers, Arkansas. The new or remodeled exterior of Walmart supercenter (based on currently remodeled supercenter) will utilize brighter Walmart color scheme, namely their orange color. The fresh orange and blue sign will also serve as a way to direct shoppers to their online order pickup area (located in the back). A sweeping glance inside the store draws your attention to the orange kiosk, which is an online self-service pickup kiosk.

Missing in action is Walmart’s typical food fares, McDonald's and Subway. Instead, they chose to replace both chains with a local eatery known as Big Rub BBQ. The dining area has a much nicer open space design and feature natural lighting closer to the entrance area along with a beautiful and sharp modern interior. But these are just two of their main changes!


What other things have changed at this Walmart location?

As we mentioned, above, Rogers, Arkansas Walmart is the first to get a much needed facelift and will be their central testing store to see how well the implemented features work or does not work with customers. Walmart has reported that with current results, it is still too early to tell what is a necessary change but data shows that changes are overall positive.

“Early reports are positive, but it’s too soon to tell what’s working and what isn’t. What’s clear: Things that seem straightforward could show up in new stores or remodels. Store 5260 is simply the first step toward the supercenter of the future, but it’s critical to informing upcoming tests.”  - Walmart Staff

Seems like some changes will surely ensue in the national venture to reformat existing Walmarts but Walmart will conduct further research before confirming.

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Here are several other aspects that changed following the first reformat:


1. Electronics and Entertainment Center

​Source: Walmart

The electronic and entertainment floor sports an improved open space design with popular brands and products displayed cleanly for demos.


2. Grocery Revamp

​Source: Walmart

Walmart reorganized the way they displayed their fresh produce so that shoppers can easily spot popular or seasonal groceries and kitchen staples will now be located in the back.


3. New Digital Menus and Signs for Automotive Center

Source: Walmart

Walmart modernized their car center with digital menus, a new waiting area and free beverage services so you can wait in comfort and also charge your phone.


4. Clear Pickup and Services Center Signage

​Source: Walmart

If you had trouble locating both service centers then, you won’t now. Walmart stuck with their color scheme but amplified it so the service and pickup center is fully colored with huge letter signage.


5. Improved Checkout with Scan & Go Wand

​Source: Walmart

Perhaps one of their best new roll out for the reformatting model is their improved checkout and shopping experience. Walmart offers multiple options for checkout.

  • Scan & Go - you have the option to pick up a wand so you can scan your items while shopping.

  • Hybrid Register - these registers are manned but also has a self-service function depending on your shopping needs.

  • High Velocity Checkouts - we’re not quite sure what this one does but Walmart claims it is more than 3x faster than conventional checkouts.


6. Baby Shopping

​Source: Walmart

Walmart combined all their baby and toddlers items in one aisle so you won’t have to trek to the far end of the store for baby gears. They also have items like strollers and other baby gears set up for demo so you can test the item and purchase with confidence.


7. Goodbye McDonald’s and Subways

​Source: Walmart

If this new dining venture proves successful, we can kiss some of the McDonald’s and Subways goodbye. Instead, Walmart may be looking to provide more varieties via local fares for shoppers which will give each location a tasty edge while also providing small food truck entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a brick and mortar location.


​Source: TheStreet

On that note, Walmart will also be offering more local picks for other items. Check out this Red Flag Beer, a local favorite offered at the Rogers location! 

Rather shop online? Walmart has a host of rollbacks, sales and coupon discounts they offer for online shopping. You can find all of them and keep up to date with the latest offers here!

Are you excited for these new Walmart additions?


monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
girlbrainsJun 17, 2016
I don't mind PTO. I've never been one to call in unless I have needed to for a medical or personal reason. I feel that economy has a lot of influence on how much we love or hate working for Walmart. Yes $10 an hour is very comfortable pay in some states. In such a state like California where a 1 bedroom moderate apartment rent is $1,000 it's rough on people. Even the mgmt who are making $45k salary a year are struggling. When people are struggling and are un-happy they help create an un-healthy work place. I am an office associate and have to work closely with mgmt. 75% of the time they themselves are complaining about their jobs. I've been an employee for 15 years and every time they re-structure people get pushed out of their positions. First it was department managers. Walmart restructured so that 1 manager would be over several departments. This meant that half of the stores managers were forced to step down into other less paying positions in the store. Next ZMS was added, then removed and they were forced to leave their positions. Now office associates are being forced to leave their positions. What I'm trying to highlight here is that by creating an ecommerce like re-structure, people are being pushed out of their jobs. This is true for many companies. I'm truly scared of what the future holds. Better work on getting a tech degree. Luckily I've almost finished my degree just in time. Also why has no one mentioned the annual raise decrease? Started off at 4% now it's down to 2%.
Dfdavis53Jun 17, 2016
I worked for WalMart for 19 yes 10 months 1week and 6 days. I am here to tell you not all WalMart's management are the same. In my own personal experience the Open Door Policy does not exist!!!! I told the store manager it didn't before I even talked to her..told vher exactly what would happen to me and it happened exactly like I said. I was let go and to this day I don't completely understand why. I loved my job and took pride in my work. Was a multitasking employee. After this long I hadn't even made it to 15.00 an hour. This was full time. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to give your all. Oh and don't get sick and family situations that need to be handled. Everyone is replaceable. Sad to say.
-Wal Mart raised wages to 10.00 an hour after completing training.
-Not all stores have bad management.
-PTO (paid time off) can be used for sick days and vacation
-Wal Mart doesnt need a union. Dont want to pay fees and dont need someone speaking for me.
-If you want better pay promote to higher positions within Wal Mart.
I can go on and on but Wal Mart is not perfect. What company is? Every job will have management that sucks, people that call in, those that complain, and the list goes on. Its up to you to decide if your job is just a job or your career.
danalexmelgarJun 13, 2016
Im glad people know the truth and are not scared of Walmart cause they might loose there jobs. If the economy was a lot better Walmart would be done people shouldn't have to live in fear stand up and know the truth to what's wrong and right and right now there still not caring about there employees and how we are suppose to care about the customers if they don't even care about us.walmart will never have good customer service in till they start treating there employes right. Walmart will always be the place to go because it's cheap not because u enjoy going there and for that experience.
Molly04y12Jun 13, 2016
I resigned from a company after working for them close to 13 yrs. Accepted employment through Walmart a year in August. That said, reading some of the slams you all have written, I would advise you to look closer at personal conduct. There is always a reason decision are made.
I have heard employees complain about not receiving enough hrs, and then calling off in the next breath. Cashiers are the worst at doing this. A lot of times this is why there are only 2 or 3 registers open. I know this from working the front line, and no I am not management.
Walmart is a great place to work, as long as we all work as a team to succeed. That is what we are hired to do. Take pride in it.
QuinterfamilyJun 12, 2016
Walmart pays their employees very well.....but once they started $10 an hour every employee started getting close to 20 hours a week mine as well pay your employees $8 an hour and give them 40 hours idiots way to keep employees my wife left you to make $13 an hour with 40 hours a week guaranteed too bad Walmart can't keep good employees treat people how you would want to be treated I'm nice to every employee remember the new owners could give two shits about their employees that's why employees act like assholes
pensgirl10Jun 13, 2016
I still get 40 hours a week, plus overtime for holidays, inventory, etc. I don't know anyone who had their hours cut.
mamabear56Jun 14, 2016
my sons's hours were cut from 40 to 32. he now has 3 days off each week, and with a wife and 3 children, he needs to work that 5th day.
betteroffxwalmarJun 20, 2016
Wal-Mart will not let you work overtime, when you have worked your 40 hrs you get sent home and they never pay overtime for holidays. Most of the time you will only be scheduled 32 hours the week of a holiday
grannytoallJun 12, 2016
At store #1148 most of the managers have no respect for the associates .Especially the one named Stephanie.She's rude and mean to all.She yells at associates out on the floor in front of customers and associates.She also likes to threaten associates.She'll say " if you don't do such and such ,you'll get written up or if you don't do that,you'll get written up."It's hard to work and do your best when you have someone like that down your back all the time.She is so bad we have good assistant managers and associates transferring to other stores or even quitting.Something really has to be done about her.
Js265907Jun 16, 2016
Then open door it and keep going until you're heard.
grannytoallJun 12, 2016
I agree with RealitySmack
RealitySmackJun 12, 2016
What we actually want to see changed at Walmart:
Living wage paid to employees
Dedicated schedule options
Paid vacation days
Sick days
Health Insurance 100% employer paid for full and part time employees
Maternity Leave
Right to form Employee Union
More than 2 register lanes open at any given time
The Waltons to pay their taxes and not receive government subsidies
AcaroneJun 12, 2016
All good points!
NanaSutton2015Jun 12, 2016
I totally agree
GhbsgirlscoachJun 12, 2016
1)Walmart pays a living wage if you're willing to work for it and do more
2)Walmart has many schedule options
3)Walmart does offer PTO for sick and vacation days to both FT & PT
4)There are very few companies that pay 100% for health insurance. Walmart's health insurance is actually pretty good.
5)Walmart offers Maternity Leave
6)It's against the law to not allow employees the opportunity to unionize. Walmart treats its associate well so they don't have to form a union and pay dues.
7)Registers, I guess sometimes those are bad, but not always.
8)The Waltons and Walmart pay more in taxes than likely any other company in America. Wake up and do some fact checking for yourself and don't just read someone else's script.
JazzysMom08Jun 12, 2016
I'm guessing that you yourself didn't do any fact checking before making your post claiming that RealitySmack needs to check their facts.
1. Walmart does NOT pay a living wage even if you work hard for it, trust me I have seen it lots.
2. Walmart's schedule options are as follows; when they want you to work or you wont get hours.
3. PTO shouldn't need to be used for both sick and vacation time or even your holidays that you not longer get paid for.
4. If Walmart's health insurance was so great then why are there 1000's of people on the government insurance and assistance because they don't pay the amount of premiums that they should be.
5. Walmart does NOT offer maternity leave, they will only give you FMLA which is a federal law and even then you have to get it pre-approved through a 3rd party company that can't seem to get faxes even after they are faxed 6-7 times.
6. It is against the law to not allow employees to unionize, however if Walmart hears of people starting to unionize they find ways to get rid of them. Walmart doesn't want unions because then they would have to actually pay and provide benefits to all their associates and that would loose them all the big bucks they earn.
7. Having open registers is always a problem
8. The Walton's and Walmart receive way way too much government subsidies, don't believe me then read this: http://www.americansfortaxfairness.org/files/Taxpayers-and-Walmart-ATF.pdf
mrsrmrnnrJun 13, 2016
I totally agree with you, especially about PTO and lack of holiday pay. Now we have to save up time to use for holidays?? It's ridiculous. The only ones saving money so they can live better is them...I've been with this company almost 15 years and still live at the poverty level but make "too much" to get public assistance. What a joke.
dabrown76Jun 13, 2016
Give it up already! Big deal they got rid of holiday pay! You been there for 15 years and still living at the poverty level! Thats on you! Your not doing something right! Maybe you should work in a factory, but alot of those people are living at the poverty level also!
Kwzone12Jun 15, 2016
Weelll lets hope you are making the big bucks wouldn't want you to be at poverty level like the rest of us.
pensgirl10Jun 13, 2016
This doesn't even make sense. PTO IS sick time and vacation time, rolled into one. It's THE SAME THING. What exactly do you think PTO should be used for, if not for when you need time off? Oh, and I chose my hours and my days off. Registers are a priority at my store, there is a person watching them at all times and when there are more than two people in line, she opens another as fast as an associate can get there. In reply to mrsmrnnr below, I haven't lost my holiday pay either.
Kwzone12Jun 15, 2016
You better read the new policy about PTO because if you want to be off and paid for a holiday then you have to ask for it off and use PTO or NO holiday pay. All vacation, sick, and holiday pay is lumped all under PTO now.
Js265907Jun 16, 2016
I agree with the last statement. I'm pregnant currently and Walmart most certainly offers maternity leave. In fact they won't let you return before your 6weeks are up.

Also I manage with the pay I get from walmart. Don't live above your mean's and actually show up to work and work hard.
Js265907Jun 16, 2016
Oh and to the people saying they should unionize....I worked for a store called Kroger here in Ohio...they are union. I made minimum wage and barely had 15 hours a week...I go to Walmart and make 4 more dollars an hour and get 40 hours a week and they don't take money out of my check.
dabrown76Jun 13, 2016
First Walmart does not need a STUPID union! Why should Walmart have to pay 100% of insurance? It is retail you want 15 an hour go do factory work! The last time i checked there was already paid vacation! If people would not call in there would be more than 2 lanes open! Reality check all your points are invalid! Stop whining!
jtncccJun 11, 2016
How about treating your employees with respect, is that on there, or revamping how they pull everyone from their departments to simply get people out the door, here's a great idea, Hire cashiers or make them all automated, so people an get out faster. They have only gone backwards i ten years, and have a lot of ground to cover. if they can redo everything about their store, and make it a little more employee friendly, usually that helps customer sales and how long people stay there. most cases people quit the boss, not the job, but walmart is the exception.
NLMANNJun 11, 2016
I sure hope that they remodel the restrooms at 1703 Martinsburg. They have not touched them in years.
PJBAYOUJun 10, 2016
I really like the scan and go idea. That would make shopping so much faster if I didn't have go through that long long process scanning at end of my shopping trip every time.
CowgirlskipperJun 13, 2016
Which just means there will be a lot more theft. Scan this over here for $1.00 But pick up one that's $20. Or just not scan it at all
Ben_DavidJun 09, 2016
Until Wally decides to properly staff the departments nothing is going to happen. Just love the manager tours, that's a ton of wasted money walking around doing nothing except telling people who know what to do the wrong way of doing things. The tours are interesting, they all walk together, but 2 or 3 hang back and have their own conversation not involved with the store. Until stupid things like this are fixed, the employees will continue to suffer. Hate this company.

To delbertfahrner - Most have an idea about customer service, it's the idiots at the top who don't know how to treat people. They're so profit motivated that they forget about the first rule of the business, which is respect.
danalexmelgarJun 11, 2016
Your totally right and managers act like there so busy and don't teach there employees the right way . There management
Staff is all corrupted. And once they know your good at many things they will use u more and rely on and make u do more work then other people and that's not far. At nieghbor hood markets u don't have a position they make u do everything from matinee all the up to throwing the freight .
fancypantsedJun 12, 2016
Wait... so you're saying them all walking around together pointing out and writing down problems they could easily fix themselves in one giant hoard for an hour twice a day isn't helping? Next thing you're gonna tell me is that taking 7 smoke breaks a day all at once causes a problem when a customer or associate needs management.
grannytoallJun 12, 2016
So true Ben_David
catpzzlrJun 09, 2016
Sounds like there are some terrible stores out there in Cali. Here in Kansas we have decent stores and the associates are pleasant. I try not to shop there if I can help it because they have too much cheap junk made in foreign countries. Back in the day they used to brag and were proud to be an American company that sold items 'Made in the USA'. I guess they aren't so patriotic anymore, guess it got in the way of their profits.
NanaSutton2015Jun 12, 2016
I worked in the Bonner Springs location when I get back home gonna try and get my job back love that store very friendly only had one rude customer but my manager dealt with her
lil_r3d_h3nJun 09, 2016
walmart stuff is a low grade product i try not to shop there but there r days that i have to so i do watch what i buy
Kwzone12Jun 15, 2016
You are right about some stuff but you can find that anywhere also
Oceanbreeze10Jun 09, 2016
I worked for Walmart four 20 years, and we have a parking place for are people. When you work at Walmart. you have so much to do. I know a lot of are associate''s forget to smile and say hello to each customer sometimes. But I know at our store
we greet are customer's. And go that extra mile to help them.
delbertfahrnerJun 09, 2016
I agree with with Liz but with several of wal mart stores the employees need to be trained in customer service...the stores are only going to be as good as their employees....cashiers need to at least say hello and maybe smile now and then instead of acting like they don't want to be there working at all.....and the stores need to have a parking spot for employees instead of them taking the closest to the store doors to park...
OsteologationJun 11, 2016
Sound like an issue with management. The stores in my area are all friendly and associate parking is strictly enforced. In my area the back part of the parking will have white parking spaces as opposed to the yellow closer to the store. The employees are supposed to park in the white spaces at the back of the lot.
RealitySmackJun 12, 2016
You think an employee cares when they are paid nowhere near what their worth?
Now look at Costco, everyone is smiling because they know their company has got their backs and is taking good care of them and their family.
lschmerbeckJun 09, 2016
I won't know until I see it !!
monster1991Jun 09, 2016
Hopefully the national rollout to reformat current supercenters will happen soon! I'm really liking what they're doing so far :)
Liz1978Jun 09, 2016
I'm glad that they are revamping their stores. I do however hope that they revamp their employees. I've been to several Walmart and was totally I'm shock after visiting one here in Los Angeles. The staff was rude and clueless. The store was always a mess and had a feel of a run down big Lots. Never did I see a bright lit store when I walked in. I would much rather sit in traffic for 1 hour to drive to Carson instead of visiting the L.A. store. Too many bad experiences with this place. With the exception of the pharmacy. The pharmacy staff was great.
RealitySmackJun 12, 2016
Pay minimum wage, receive minimum effort....
Contort schedules to keep employees from holding a second job, employees are going to be jaded.
JordanE316Jun 12, 2016
Walmart's base pay is $10.00 an hour, which is $2.75 an hour more than the nation's average minimum wage. They also, when they hire you, have you fill out an availability form to say when they are, well, available.

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