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Makeup Tips for Heat and Humidity

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August 13, 2013 · 2k Views

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We are well into the Summer season, and in many areas of the world that translates to people enjoying the extra warmth and sunlight of outdoor activities – swimming at the beach, barbecues by the poolside, strolls through the park, and the countless outdoor sports that come with the season.  Many will recommend that you be practical, and keep your makeup light and minimal in these situations. Where does that leave the makeup lovers out there? What about the people who still need to put on a full face, and get it to stay for a few not-so-Summery activities? Never fear, if you try some of these makeup tips, you can do what you need to do no matter how hot or humid it gets.

Extra heat and humidity can be a challenge when full makeup may still be required (or desired) – formal social functions, weddings, entertainment work, public appearances, photo  shoots, and concealing skin conditions just to name a few.   And in these situations, a little tinted sunscreen, a few pats of powder, and lip stain just may not be enough to do the job.  There may be hope yet for those of you who refuse to let a little extra sweat and oil production get in the way of using your coveted beauty favorites.  Here are a few products and makeup tips that professionals keep in their makeup arsenal to keep your makeup looking fresh for special occasions, even throughout the dog days of Summer.

1. Facial Antiperspirant –

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While the average Joe may be familiar with products formulated to control underarm perspiration, a lesser known antiperspirant is the kind made for your face.  Facial antiperspirants can be applied under makeup and can actually help prevent you from sweating.  If excessive perspiration is what ails your makeup staying power, consider using what clowns and stage performers rely on to keep sweat at bay and their face looking fresh despite hot stage lights and physically demanding shows.




2. Primers –

There are makeup primers for everything these days, and with good reason.  Primers not only help color products go on more smoothly and evenly, but they also help your makeup “stick” better to your skin, which can help it from sliding off your face during a long busy day, or action-packed evening.  The good news is that there are several different primers available to meet your particular skin care needs, such as color-correcting, smoothing, or moisturizing.  Something you should note about primers:  They work best when products have the same base ingredient, (i.e. aloe, silicone, water), so it’s best to find one that corresponds to your particular foundation.  The same goes for oil-based products, though they may not be the best choice for warm weather.  And don’t forget that primer can even prolong the wear of your powder-based products.


3. Skin Mattifiers–

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There is a good selection of skin mattifiers to choose from if you find that your skin’s oil production is going into overdrive.  Similar to primers, mattifiers provide a smooth palette to work with, but are specifically formulated for cutting down shine in oily skin.  Don’t feel pressured into spending tons of money for mattifiers,  you can try an effective, yet inexpensive DIY mattifying alternative in your health or toiletries aisle – Milk of Magnesia! Simply brush a thin layer of the product onto your skin, wait for it to dry (Don’t be surprised when it turns white in some areas), and lightly layer your foundation on top to help control oily skin throughout the day.



4. Highly-pigmented products –

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If you take great care in applying your makeup, yet it still won’t stay, you may have to reevaluate the quality of what you’re using.  The fact is that some products perform better than others, and much of that has to do with pigmentation level.  If you’re using a product with low pigment, you’ll find yourself applying layer after layer, of what is essentially filler ingredients. Unfortunately, what that may mean for you, is that you’ll be forced to deal with an avalanche of cosmetics running down your skin in toasty weather, or even worse, the notorious “Cake Face.” Instead, try getting the coverage of products that have a higher concentration of color and avoid having to apply multiple layers.  Worried about breaking the bank to get a better product? Don’t fret!  Quality does not necessarily equate to high prices, so don’t disregard dupes or more inexpensive professional line products that perform just as well, if not better, than some of their pricier luxury brand counterparts.


5. Finishing spray –

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Just as you’d finish off your hairstyle with hairspray, you can do the same for your face with makeup finishing sprays.  After you are done with your makeup routine, a generous misting all over your face will help to seal your masterpiece against heat and other enemies of makeup!







As you can see, you actually have many more makeup options for the summer than you might have thought!  So try one, or a combo of these products, pack your face-blotting tissues, and put your best face forward in any weather!

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