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5 Map Apps That Are Better Than Google Maps With or Without WiFi

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
August 05, 2016 · 7.1k Views

Remember waiting in line to be one of the first to own a Garmin? How awesome was it to be able to change the voice to Darth Vader? But seriously, do you remember the last time you used your Garmin? Today, those plug-in, window-mounted GPS gadgets are pretty much obsolete. Instead, everybody is using their smart devices for directions these days, with Google Maps being one of the most popularly-used apps. Did you know, though, that there are many other travel map apps that can help you get to where you need to go, and many of them don’t even require WiFi! Here are 5 of the best!


1. City Maps 2Go

Source: Offbeat Traveling

This is an free offline app that has all the same bells and whistles that Google Maps has. There are voice notifications so you can focus on the road ahead and not on the screen of your phone - nobody has time for a $500 cell phone ticket! And in case you’re too busy rocking out to one of your favorite jams and you happen to miss a turn, the re-route feature on this app is quick to get you back on track! For free, it’s definitely worth a try!

2. Embark

Source: Daily Tech

Embark is one of the first apps to incorporate Uber into the fold. This app offers basic directions, a search feature, re-routing, and point-of-interest, but also gives you public transportation information. With this app, you’ll never be lost again (assuming you don’t lose your phone). There are over 60+ cities already mapped out on Embark, and with public transportation becoming increasingly popular, I’m guessing we can expect much more from this app as time goes on.

3. GuidePal

Source: iPad Insight

GuidePal is a very detailed map app containing many of the traditional features that the other apps have. However, where this app shines the brightest, is with its wide variety of POIs, or Points of Interest. GuidePal has all of the common major attractions, but also comes loaded with other attractions you may not even know about. It’s not only a directional guide, but a tourist guide as well!

4. Maps+

Source: Maps+

This map app contains everything you’d expect from a navigation system, including Google Maps, but then takes it to whole nother level! Any navigation app can get you from point A to point B, but Maps+ also offers constant updates on traffic conditions as well as an awesome bookmark function. It even includes indoor floorplans of certain buildings! With Maps+, you’ll not only get to your destination on time, but you’ll also know exactly which door to use!

5. Maps.Me

Source: Maps.Me Blog

Last but not least, Maps.Me offers re-routing, audible directions, points of interest, bookmarking features, the ability to calculate distance and time by car, bike, and foot, and a search option. Where this jam-packed app stands out is the fact that almost everything offered is also available offline. Once you lock in your destination, you can save the step by step navigation directions as a PDF and bring them up anytime without using your data. This one seems like a no-brainer if you ask me!

No matter where you’re coming from or trying to get to, there are plenty of helpful travel map apps out there that you can use offline, without any WiFi at all! No matter which app you decide to try out, it’s time to put down the big, bulky GPS unit!


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Stephanie Mialki is a mommy of two under two, a fitness enthusiast, and a digital marketing guru. She spends all of her spare time….oh wait, what spare time? She has a passion for business building and has successfully assisted more than 20 entrepreneurs start their own companies.

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