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13 Merry Things to Do Over Christmas

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
December 20, 2016 · 2.8k Views

Already scared of how you’re going to entertain your kids while they are out of school for Christmas break? Here are 13 of the best things to do with your family over Christmas. Make this Christmas one to remember with some new family traditions!


best things to do on christmas

  1. Watch Christmas Movies
    Nearly every TV provider has a channel of ALL holiday movies from now until Christmas, so have a family movie date night at home! Grab some popcorn and a fuzzy blanket, and you have the family entertained for at least an hour and a half!
  2. Attend a Christmas Play or Production
    Check with your local churches and organizations (like the Boys and Girls Clubs) to see who is putting together Christmas productions. They are typically open to the public. And they are generally adorable because the kids are not professional actors.
  3. Have a “Snowball Fight” With Socks
    Get your fort ready, and your snowballs rolled, but stay warm inside while you do it! (Don’t worry parents, it’s not real snow). Let the kids roll up white socks, and use laundry baskets as shields. To really get the feel of everything, you can even put on your winter outdoor gear!
  4. Play Themed Games
    Gather around the table and play all sorts of different Christmas themed games! How about Panty-Hose Reindeer? Break into teams and give each team a pair of pantyhose and 16 balloons. They have to blow up the balloons, stuff the pantyhose with them and put the pantyhose on their head like antlers! First one done wins!
  5. Host a Potluck
    Throw on some Christmas music, have everyone bring a dish to pass, and celebrate the holidays! This is a great time to catch up friends, hang out with family, and share memories. The best part of a potluck...no standing in the kitchen for 8 hours cooking, you only need to cook one dish! Send out a group message to see what everyone is making so you don’t get 3 pans of brownies and you’re set.

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  6. Host a Trash to Treasure Party
    Whether you’re inviting friends or just doing this with the family, everyone brings 2 or 3 items they don’t want anymore and they get placed in the center of your party. Then, they are up for auction. Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and folds it up. When an item is up for auction, and you want it, you put your name in the bucket. Someone draws the name, and whoever’s name is drawn wins that item!  Super fun for a ladies night---partially burned candles and jewelry makes awesome re-gifts.
  7. Host or Attend a Cookie Exchange
    Who doesn’t like cookies and candies, especially when they are homemade?! But, don’t you love having those assortments of 20 different types of cookies---that’s a lot of baking! Instead, just make a ton of a few and have some friends/neighbors do the same! Everyone get together and swap the cookies so you each get a tray (or two, or three, or four) of assorted cookies!
  8. Make Ornaments 
    Have everyone pick their favorite photo from throughout the year. What was their favorite memory? Keep that memory alive forever with these super affordable and easy homemade photo transfer ornaments. Perfect for expert crafters as well as little hands.
  9. Make “Gingerbread” Houses
    Gingerbread kits can be PRICEY. And making homemade gingerbread….forget it! Use graham crackers instead! Add some frosting and candies of your choice for decorating.
  10. Local Lightshow
    Chances are there is a local light show near you. Whether it’s a walkthrough or a drive through, the family can enjoy the lights, Christmas music and probably even Santa. Pack some hot cocoa and marshmallows!  
  11. Random Act of Kindness
    Have everyone in the family writes down one thing that would be nice to do for someone else. And do it. It could be as little as taking someone some cookies, or shoveling someone’s driveway.
  12. Dance Party!
    Make a Christmas playlist and BOOGY the night away. Let everyone put in their favorite songs, you’re likely to get a good blend of N’SYNC, Elvis, The Chipmunks and the classics.
  13. Make S’mores on the Stovetop 
    Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still get the taste of yummy homemade smores over the stovetop---even electric! Roast your marshmallows and pile them on graham crackers.

The biggest thing to remember this holiday season is that anything can be a special event if you make it that way, from watching Christmas movies, to decorating the house, to doing anything you feel is special! Do you have any special Christmas traditions or plans? We would love to hear what they are. Comment below and tell us what they are.


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