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Is Mineral Makeup for You?

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March 24, 2014 · 1.8k Views

If you’re contemplating trying mineral makeup for the first time, you may have a lot of questions on the finish, the coverage and potential irritation, among others. There are some pros and cons to wearing mineral makeup, and it’s definitely not for everyone. Before you go out and drop a ton of cash on mineral makeup, keep some of these tips in mind.


Mineral makeup is not as irritating: Many brands of mineral makeup contain ingredients that your skin comes into contact with everyday. With ingredients commonly found in rocks and minerals, such as titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide and others, you aren’t introducing harsh chemicals to your skin. These ingredients tend to be more gentle than chemical compounds found in liquid foundations. Try it yourself with Bare Minerals, available at retail stores and Sephora and Ulta locations.

Quick and easy to apply: At the dawn of the mineral makeup revolution, many formulas were only available in loose powder, which is easy to spill. Current mineral formulas now come in cleaner packaging. Loose powders have safety lids with holes in them, so if the container falls off the counter, only a little actually ends up on the floor. Others like Glo Minerals offer pressed formulas that are smooth and easier to apply.

Amazing color: Since mineral makeup is made of crushed minerals, the color usually turns out very rich. This not only makes mineral makeups pretty to wear, but it also helps them last longer, since a little bit of product goes a long way. Try e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow. At $3 a pot, this is an inexpensive product that will last until you’re sick of the color.


It can settle into lines: The consistency of mineral makeup makes it more prone to settling into fine lines and creases. If you’re trying to cover these, then you might want to stick to a silicon based foundation that is designed to sit on top of lines rather than settling into them. Make sure to layer with a moisturizer that contains sunscreen to keep the sun from amplifying fine lines.

It tends to glare: One of the main ingredients in many mineral based makeup formulas is titanium dioxide. While this is responsible for the excellent SPF, it can also cause a glare – mainly in pictures. In its purest form, titanium dioxide is pure white, so if you’re trying to achieve an airbrushed look for head shots, wedding photos or other high glare situations, you’re better off choosing another foundation with no SPF.

Trickier to match: Although mineral foundations have come a long way in recent years, they are still harder to match than traditional foundations. Some of the ingredients give skin a shiny finish, and can even give off a greenish or grey tone. For women with darker skin tones, finding a color can be more difficult, as some formulas look ashy. Elegant Minerals offers a vast selection, so start there for a likelier match.

Like any beauty product, mineral makeup runs the risk of irritation. Before investing a lot of money on a product, try it out and leave it for a few days. Most stores will offer samples, so you can test the products on your skin. Make sure you like the finish and that your skin will not react adversely.

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Alaina Brandenburger is a Freelance Writer and author of the blog, Fashion Girls Unite. A regular contributor to the Shopping and Style section of CBS Denver’s Top Spots, she is known for seeking out the best shopping spots in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. Alaina is also a regular contributor to the Style and Fashion section of Examiner.com. A lifelong shopping enthusiast, she has an eye for spotting amazing deals and looking fashionable on a budget. Alaina also supports local fashion designers and industry professionals, such as makeup artists and hairstylists and is always a fixture at fashion related events.

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