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10 Most Affordable Cars of 2016

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July 21, 2016 · 4.5k Views

If you're in the market for a new automobile, you might feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available. But if you're in the market for a new car that is affordable, you may feel stifled by a limited number options. The good news is that there are plenty of great cars and SUVs at lower to moderate price points. We compiled a list of the most affordable current vehicles on the market. The cars on this list are not only budget-friendly, but they are also of great value.


1. Kia Rio

Source: The Car Connection

The 2016 Kia Rio is a great car for first-time buyers and budget-conscience consumers. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles some auto buyers look for, but it's still a sleek and stylish car that delivers more than the minimum. The Rio boasts a steel unibody chassis, front-wheel drive, and 1.6 Liter, 4-cylinder engine. The base version Rio LX comes with standard features like air conditioning, manual-lock windows and doors, and halogen headlights. The slightly more expensive EX and SX versions come with nice extras like steering-wheel mounted cruise control buttons and a six-speaker, A-pillar mounted tweeters.

Rio LX starts at $14,165
Rio EX starts at $17,755
Rio SX starts at $20,755

2. Nissan Versa

Source: Nissan of Roanoke Rapids

A compact car with a spacious 14.9 cubic feet and more legroom in the back, the 2016 Nissan Versa offers more for less. It was also designed
with versatility with it's 60/40 split fold-down rear seat made for storing larger items that don't fit perfectly in the back. This car looks also looks stylish with chrome door handles and chrome accents.Perhaps the best thing about the Nissan Versa is the it's fuel efficiency. This car can go 400 miles between fill ups, which means it goes further on less.

Nissan Versa S starts at $11,990
Nissan Versa S Plus starts at $14,040
Nissan Versa SV starts $15,580
Nissan Versa SL starts $17,140

3. Ford Fiesta


The 2016 Ford Fiesta is a bold and fun choice. This sub-compact car has a sporty cool exterior with solid metal chassis that comes in a variety of eye catching colors including Blue Candy, Ruby Red, Electric Spice, Kona Blue.  It's also available in more traditional colors like Shadow Black and White Platinum Metallic. Those who like to stay connected on the go will appreciate the Ford Fiesta's Sync 3 Infotainment system enables drivers to connect their mobile apps to access them while driving. The car also boasts some impressive specs inside the engine, including front-wheel drive, 5-speed manual transmission, and electric power-assisted steering.

Fiesta S Sedan starts at $14,090
Fiesta S Hatch starts at $14,390
Fiesta SE Sedan starts at $15,320
Fiesta SE Hatch starts at $15,620
Fiesta Titanium Sedan starts at $18,040
Fiesta Titanium Hatch starts at $18,340
Fiesta Hatch starts at $20,970

4. Honda Accord

Source: Honda Automobiles

If you're in the market for a mid-size sedan that merges sophistication and sporty design, the 2017 Honda Accord sedan may be just what you're looking for. This car is a favorite of many consumers- it's been on the Car & Driver's 10 Best Cars list nearly 30 times. Auto buyers can opt to customize their Accord with wood-grain and leather materials, plush seating, rear seat warmer, and custom-comfort driver seat. Since no car is complete without the latest technology features, and the Accord doesn't disappoint with features like a 7-speaker premium audio system with subwoofer, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 7-inch touchscreen.

Honda Accord LX starts at $22,355

5. Chevy Impala

Source: The Car Connection

Ready to graduate from a compact or mid-size vehicle to a full-size car? The 2016 Chevy Impala may be one of your best bets. This car fits
five people and still offers plenty of space for storage. It also boasts a 3.6L V6 engine, 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, 305 horsepower, and precision handling. This car also has a bi-fuel system that gives drivers a choice between Bi-Fuel Compressed Natural Gas and gasoline. The Impala was well-designed with luxury and sporty elements to create something for everyone.

Chevy Impala LS starts at $27,970
Chevy Impala 1LT starts at $30,335
Chevy Impala 2LT starts at $31,310
Chevy Impala 2LTZ starts at $36,415

6. Nissan Altima

Source: Windsor Nissan

Who says a mid-sized car can't be upscale and affordable? The 2016 Nissan Altima meets and exceeds many expectations. It features a sleek
modern design with an aerodynamic exterior and active grill shutters. Inside the vehicle, you will enjoy premium features plush leather seats, dual-zone climate control, and a center stack ergonomic layout. Music fans will enjoy the Altima's Bose Premium Auto system. People on the go will like NissanConnect's access to apps and Google.

Nissan Altima 2.5 starts at $22,500
Nissan Altima 2.5 S starts at $22,900
Nissan Altima 2.5 SR starts at $24,470
Nissan Altima 2.5 SV starts at $25,460
Nissan Altima 2.5 SL starts at $28,570
Nissan Altima 3.5 SR starts at $27,990
Nissan Altima 3.5 SL starts at $32,690

7. Toyota Avalon

Source: Hubert Vester Toyota

Enjoy life in high-style and luxury for less with the 2016 Toyota Avalon. It was designed with a sculpted metal chassis, a redesigned grille, and LED headlights. Get into your comfort zone sitting inside the vehicle with 3-zoned climate control, EnTune Premium JBL Audio, and intelligent touch capacitive controls. The Avalon used modern technology to its fullest with HD predictive traffic and EnTune app suite features- both of which can be accessed on the touchscreen. Last, but certainly not least, this car has a Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charger so the driver can conveniently charge on the go.

Toyota Avalon XLE starts at $32,650
Toyota Avalon XLE Plus starts at $34,400
Toyota Avalon XLE Premium starts at $35,850

8. Jeep Patriot

Source: Jeep

The 2016 Jeep Patriot is one of the most affordable sports utility vehicles on the market. It also won this year's Automotive Science Group's Best Economic Performance SUV. This car features 2 four-cylinder engines, standard 5-speed manual, and efficient fuel economy. The vehicle was designed for hauling and rugged expeditions, it also has a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds.

Jeep Patriot Sport starts at $17,695
Jeep Patriot Sport SE starts at $19,840
Jeep Patriot Latitude starts at $22,295
Jeep Patriot 75th Anniversary Edition starts at $24,495

9. Jeep Compass

Source: Edmunds

If you're in the market for a sports utility vehicle that's ready for adventure, look no further than the 2016 Jeep Compass. This spacious SUV ups the ante with luxurious interiors. It features smooth fabrics, accent stitches, and smooth covered armrests. There are a range of available options to customize the car for personal preference, including power sunroof, leather covered steering-wheel, and flip-down speakers.

Jeep Compass Sport starts at $19,695
Jeep Compass Sport SE starts at $21,940
Jeep Compass 75th Anniversary Edition starts at $25,220
Jeep Compass Latitude starts at $23,995
Jeep Compass High Altitude starts at $25,090

10. Honda HR-V

Source: Honda Automobiles

Modern, sleek, and stylish, the 2016 Honda HR-V crossover has it all in one neat package. The car features 58.8 cubic feet of cargo space with versatile modes for harder-to-store items. It was also designed with plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable. And thanks to amazing safety features like anti-lock braking system and vehicle stability assist with traction control, the HR-V is ideal for families.

Honda HR-V LX starts at $19,215
Honda HR-V EX starts at $21,265
Honda HR-V EX-L Navi starts at $24,690


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Anna Peel is a freelance writer from Savannah, Georgia. She's written for many websites including CheapToday, ValueWalk, and Peku Publications. When she isn't writing, she is shopping for the best deals online and at bricks-and-mortar stores.

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