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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Find a Present as Unique as She Is.

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May 31, 2013 · 1.7k Views

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and with its impending arrival comes the challenge of giving mom that truly special gift that reflects just how you feel about her. It’s definitely easier said than done! Finding just the right Mother’s Day present for mom takes a great deal of thought and creativity. Because the holiday is so meaningful, what you give her should represent how you feel. This year, consider gifting her with something she might really enjoy by thinking about what it is that she enjoys. Rather than a standard, sentimental present, give mom a gift that speaks to her directly and specifically about who she is.

Foodie Mom – If mom is happiest in the kitchen cooking and baking, then treat her to something that will bring her much culinary delight. Consider buying mom a two-year subscription to a cooking magazine, like Bon Appetit or Cooking Light, which will always provide her with fresh new recipes to try. Perhaps she would love the latest creative cooking gadget, like a pot clip spoon holder or Smart Stick Hand Blender. Or maybe she would love a beautifully wrapped copy of her favorite chef’s latest cookbook. Whatever culinary-inspired gift it is, she’ll know you gave it some real thought and it expresses how you feel about her and what she loves to do.

Bookworm Mom – Is mom’s nose always buried in a book? Well maybe this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to bring her into the world of e-reading and introduce her to the digital reading tablet. Nothing would make your bookworm mom happier than receiving a new Kindle or Nook, which will allow her to download as many titles as she wants and continue enjoying her passion for the written word for years to come. (Shopping tip: Get $50 to spend on NOOK books, apps, & movies when you buy a NOOK HD plus Tablet and use coupon code “50FREE”.)

Techie Mom – Maybe your mom is a social media maven who loves all things gadgets and apps. If technology interests her, then this Mother’s Day buying her the new Sony Dash should be right up her alley. This awesome, new “information wi-fi alarm clock” will start mom’s day with personalized updates just for her along with access to over 1000 free apps. She can check the weather, Facebook, email and play her favorite tunes automatically before she even rolls out of bed in the morning––just the thing for a techie mama!

Fitness Mom – The fitness mom loves to work out and makes this a huge priority in her life. She is always taking a class at the gym or jogging outside. Whether she’s a spinner, a yogi, an avid tennis player or a Zumba booty shaker, she will look and feel fabulous in Lululemon Athletic Gear. With their trademarked Luon fabrics used to effectively wick away sweat, not only will mom look cool in Lululemon’s amazing collections of tops, pants, shorts and hoodies, but she will still feel cool and comfortable through whatever workout she enjoys. (Shopping tip: If you’re on a tight budget you can still find high quality fitness items and apparel at 6pm.com, Oakley Vault, and Nike’s Clearance Section.)

Philanthropist Mom – Giving to the mom that is always giving herself can be tricky. If your mom is a professional volunteer, always donating her time and energy to causes and organizations close to her heart, then clearly it’s extremely important to her. Give back to her by giving back the same way––download the app Donation Connect on her phone and let her make giving even easier. Since “mobile advocacy” is definitely the future of giving, show mom how she can donate at the tap of a button to various charities of her choice and spread the word about the causes that are important to her. Better yet, upload the app on your phone and donate some money in her honor!

Gardening Mom – When mom is in her garden, she is radiant, as being amid her homegrown vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers is heaven on earth to her. Show her how much you’re inspired by her passion for cultivation by gifting her with new gardening tools. Whether it be a new premium kneeling pad to keep her comfort as she toils away outside or a 5-piece tool set with tote and folding seat, she will absolutely love that she received something so meaningful and useful. (Shopping tip: If she loves gardening, chances are, she’ll love flowers. Get 15% off Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts at 1800flowers.com with promo code “MDAY2013” at checkout.)

Crafty Mom –  For the mom who is always creating her own home-made gifts, there is nothing she’d probably like better than even more crafty stuff. If she’s Pinterest-crazed and obsessed with all things crafts, then a gift card to the hobby store or art mart is just the thing. Let mom pick out materials for her next few projects and let her creativity and skills take over. Chances are, she will absolutely love the process and then end up gifting something right back to you – which you know she loves to do! (Shopping tip: Crafty moms love personalized gifts. Get up to 20% off photo mugs and gifts at Shutterfly, plus free shipping on orders $30+ with code “SHIP30”. See more Shutterfly coupons and offers.)

Fashionista Mom – If mom makes it a priority to always look runway ready and dressed to the nines, then clearly she has a flair and passion for fashion. So treat her this year to a gift card at an upscale department store or chic local boutique. Then go with her as she shops and tries on fabulous outfits and accessories, lavishing her with compliments along the way. She will LOVE it.

Outdoor Mom – For the mom that is all about outdoor fun, gifting her with the latest camping, cycling or ski gear should be perfect. If mom is happiest hiking on a wooded trail or racing down a snowy mountain, then countless gifts from REI will be perfect. Show mom you love her love and enthusiasm for all things outdoor and outfit her with a new hiking day pack, ski goggles or cycling helmet. Whatever it is, she will appreciate it because it shows her that you took the time to find something she would use regularly.

Zen Mom – If your mom is always chanting, breathing and reciting a mantra, then she definitely makes balance and zen a priority. So this Mother’s Day gift her with something that will help her continue on her tranquil journey like a yoga mat, hammock, meditation rock fountain or even a gift card for a Thai Massage. For a mom that appreciate peace, calm and serenity, these things and more will be much appreciated and savored.

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