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10 Nail Hacks for the Perfect At-Home Manicure

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Kristina ByasGuest Blogger
July 03, 2016 · 2.8k Views

When it comes to nails, there are many people who schedule a weekly visit to a nearby salon where they can get a manicure. Making sure your nails look great everyday, like most things in life, will require time, money and energy. However, depending on how you go about things, you could be spending less of all of these, especially if you decide to just do your manicure at home.

This may not seem like an option some people are willing to choose because they aren't a nail professional, but they don't have to be. Even though you'll have to do it yourself, an at-home manicure can be just as good as the one you can get at a salon. If you follow a few simple hacks, you'll be sure to adore your nails and enjoy the fact that you avoided spending a lot of money for something that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Toothpaste

Source: The Gloss

Looking to whiten your nails? You can easily take a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste and brush your nails. This will remove stains and leave your nails looking whiter and cleaner.

2. Glass file

What you file your nails with can make a huge difference in nail breakage. A glass file works best because it can keeps the keratin separation from occurring at your nail bed. This means you can enjoy your manicure longer and not have to worry about it not lasting a long time.

3. Vaseline

Source: Cosmopolitan

When you are in a rush or not able to keep a steady hand, it's hard to keep the nail polish from going places other than your nails. Before you start painting, take Vaseline and rub in on your cuticles and the skin around your nails. This will keep your skin protected should you stroke these areas while you are painting.

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4. Loofah

There are a number of designs that you can have on one or all of your nails. If you happen to be interested in the fishnet look, you can actually use a loofah for this design. Simply cut off a piece of a loofah, place it on your nail and paint.

5. Pencil eraser

Source: Alisa Burke Blogspot

Don't have a dotting tool? Save yourself some money and stick a pin in a pencil eraser, dip it into the nail polish of your choice and add dots to your nails.

6. Tape

A French manicure is the perfect for any occasion, which is why many women love this look. There are tools can purchase to guide you so you get the perfect French tip, but you could also use something you have right there in your kitchen drawer: tape. Just cut the tape, place it in the correct spot and paint. To prevent the polish from being ruined, wait until it dries before you remove the tape from your nails.

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7. Toothpick

Source: The Beauty Department

A toothpick can be used for designs and clean up. When placing hearts on your nails, use the end of a toothpick. When cleaning up the extra polish that was left on the skin around your nails, you can dip it in nail polish remover and then wipe away the excess polish. This should be done before the polish dries.

8. Paint brush

Mistakes happen, so if you don't have Vaseline to put on your skin and cuticles prior to painting your nails, you can remove the polish from these areas when you are done painting. Grab a small paintbrush, dip it in nail polish remover and wipe away the nail polish.

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9. Oil spray

Source: Popsugar

If you are not careful after you paint your nails, they can easily be smudged and cause your manicure to be ruined. You could start over or once you have finished painting just remember to use an oil spray to set the polish and keep it from smudging.

10. Ice water

Drying your nails can sometimes take longer than you are willing to wait. In fact, you may decide to paint your nails when you only have ten minutes before you need to leave the house. On days like this, or really whenever you simply don't want to wait for your nails to dry, let them air dry for a bit, then dip them in cold water and wait three minutes. When you pull your nails out, they should be dry and you'll be ready to go.


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Kristina Byas is a Milwaukee native who has written for Female Intel, Shepherd Express, Scandalous Women and more. She suffers from a severe case of wanderlust and has difficulty purchasing items at full price. You can learn more about her by following her on Twitter: @KristinaByas

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