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27 Netflix Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

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October 14, 2016 · 118k Views

After a long day at work, school and whatnot, let’s face it, Netflix is a great partner to come home to. So many shows and movies to choose from, low monthly fee and their Netflix Originals series? AMAZING. From the award-winning Orange is the New Black, House of Cards to more recent additions like Master of None and Love, Netflix is bringing us tons of options--more bang for our buck.

But sometimes, it can be hard to weed out the best of what Netflix has to offer versus some of the less than appealing content that they provide. I mean, everyone can resonate with this dandy chart:

time spent on netflix.png

What about all those times you spent looking for a movie and 2.5 something hours later… Is it bed time already?

Netflix has about 75 million subscribers with 40 million alone in the U.S. so you know…lots of people watching and lots of people searching. Let’s face it, with the convenience of on-demand streaming, Netflix volume of shows and movies will only continue to skyrocket. So how can you search better and get to your new fave marathon show faster?

Here’s a few Netflix hacks and tips to help you get started. Check it out!


1. Use Instantwatcher.com

screencapture (3).png

Yeah, we’re not gonna lie, the site looks a bit janky but in a cluttered Netflix world, it does a great job at ranking popular titles which also include new and noteworthy additions for you to explore. The best thing about instant watcher: they provide qualified film reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and similar online film critics.

Bonus: you can also see popular and trending shows and movies for Amazon Instant Video.


2. Netflix Roulette

screenshot-netflixroulette.net 2016-03-10 14-46-51.png

Indecisiveness really throws us off sometimes so when in doubt, let Netflix Roulette lead the way. Just as the name implies, you can let this handy site pick what you’re going to watch. If you’re in the mood for a certain genre or otherwise, you can also use filter by movie or show, actor’s name and etc. Give it a spin!


3. FlickSurfer - “A new way to find Netflix gems”

screencapture (4).png

Much like instant watcher, FlickSurfer makes it easier to find top-rated movies and shows. You can easily see IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix ratings to help you make a winning selection.


4. Netflix Enhancer


So this one is pretty cool. It’s a free Chrome browser extension that enhances your Netflix browsing experience. With this, you can get trailers, Rotten Tomato, audience rating and more just by hovering over the show titles (like you usually do) on Netflix.


5. Kick People Off Your Netflix Account


Yep, you read right. If you’ve been generous enough to share, that’s awesome but if you notice a clear abuse of account sharing, you can just remotely log out everyone using your account. Netflix-mooching folks beware. You can kick people off by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Netflix account

  • Click on your user profile and on the drop down menu select ‘Manage Profiles’

  • On your account page under Settings, click on “Sign out of all devices”

  • Hit the sign out button and that’s it!

To prevent people from signing back in, remember to change your password!


6. Netflix Remote Control

If you stream Netflix via PlayStation, you can download the Netflix app to control Netflix remotely. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download Netflix App on your mobile device (iOS or Android)

  • Launch Netflix on your phone and on streaming device/game console

  • Make sure both devices are logged into the same Netflix account and same Wi-Fi network


  • At the bottom right-hand side, you’ll find a ‘Cast’ icon, click on it to connect both devices


7. Watching from TV? Run Netflix Search from Your Phone Instead.

It is HARD to run a proper search when watching Netflix on TV. Unless you already have a show in mind, consider downloading Upflix. Upflix provides a more friendly Netflix search and even includes critics rating! Run the search on your phone. Watch on TV. Easy peasy. Upflix is available for both iOS and Android users. 


8. Fan.tv


This is a pretty neat app. In an app-rich world, it takes another app to help you find what you want to watch easily across all available streaming networks. With Fan.tv, you can easily search within the app and it will tell you which streaming company certain movies and shows are located. Saves you the trouble of running your own search individually!


9. Chrome Does Not Stream Netflix in 1080p

Sorry Chrome lovers! Unfortunately, the highest streaming quality you can get on Google Chrome is 720p. This isn't bad by any means if you're on a laptop or monitor. For 1080p high-def, stream Netflix in Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge! Otherwise, most gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox or top box product like Apple TV or Roku streamings the highest quality possible for Netflix.


10. Whatisonnetflix.com


Easily browse what’s new to Netflix or search by Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Metacritic ratings. This may be a better version if you want to be able to browse from a mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


11. Easier Way to Fast Forward or Rewind, Mouse-Free

You can easily fast forward or rewind back to where you left off when you ran into the kitchen for some snacks by holding these keys on your keyboard (plus some other keyboard shortcuts):

  • Fast Forward: hold Shift and press Right Arrow
  • Rewind: hold Shift and press Left Arrow
  • Mute: press 'M' to mute
  • Fullscreen: press 'F' for fullscreen 
  • Pause: tap on your space bar to pause 


12. The Answer to Your Netflix Buffering Problem

Buffering issues got you down? While streaming a show or movie in Netflix, hold down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT simultaneously and press the “S” key. This will bring up a bitrate menu where you can lower (ahem, sacrifice) audio and video quality for better streaming ability.


After you’ve set those rates lower, just hit “Override.” To reset, just follow the steps above to access the bitrate menu and hit “Reset.”


13. How to Netflix While Working

Multi-tasking is the key to success. With Helium, this is incredibly easy and possible. Helium is basically a floating browser window for OS X that lets you watch streaming videos while you work, take a look below:


Pretty neat huh? Helium stays on top of any other browser windows so you never miss a beat! It’s not limited to Netflix by the way, you can also use it for Google Hangouts, Slack and more.


14. Control Netflix Data Usage on Your Phone

Watch Netflix often on your commute? You can easily control how much data Netflix streaming sucks away by going to Your Account > My Profile > Playback Settings. Set your data usage on your screen from low to high quality. Low quality will only take up 0.3 GB per hour so if you're running on low data, tis the way to go!


15. Change Subtitle Font

Are you having trouble seeing your subtitles clearly? You can easily customize how captions appear on screen by going to Your Account > My Profile > Subtitle Appearance. Your eyes will thank you for it.


16. Need Specific Recommendations?

Reddit is the place to go. They have an active community that will totally support you when it comes to discovering the next Netflix binge of the week. You can browse existing threads for recommendations or post to the forum using a [REQUEST] tag. 


17. Netflix Acting Strange?

You're probably auto-enabled for Netflix design tests. Like all sites, Netflix rolls out small design tests for all of their subscribers which explain the small glitches and changes here and there on their homepage. To put a halt to these weird changes, simply go to Your Account > Settings > Test Participation and hit the button to turn disable test participation. Voila! Back to normal. 


18. New Arrivals & Departures on Netflix Every Month 

Wanna know what's coming to Netflix and what titles to watch before it is gone? Check back on DealsPlus Blog for new arrivals and departure every month! We'll keep you up to date on Hulu and Amazon Video too. 


19. See How Fast Your Internet Connection is

speed test

Created by Netflix, you can use Fast.com to see how fast your internet connection is on desktop or download the Fast mobile app for iOS or Android. This way, you can find out whether Netflix or your internet connection is the source of those pesky buffering issues.


20. Netflix Party or Showgoers


Both of these awesome apps/tools will let you watch Netflix with long-distance friends and loved ones with chat function enabled on your Netflix browser window. See Showgoers. See Netflix Party.


21. Decider Keeps You Up to Date on What to Watch… For All Popular Streaming Sites

Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go and more. Check out Decider.com for updates on new shows to watch and take a look at their ‘Decider Lists’ for each streaming service to find your new favorite show or movie!


22. Plot Guru Introduces Real-Time Netflix Trivia

Throwing a Netflix party with friends and family? You can play this game of real-time trivia for Netflix shows on Plot Guru. Available on iOS (Android coming soon).


23. Find Out Where Your Favorite Show/Movie is Streaming

Not limited to Netflix, this search engine can help you find out where a specific show, movie or documentary is streaming across all major streaming networks. Check it out at canistream.it.


24. Get Notified When a Movie is Streaming

The Reelgood app works to help you keep track of all your streaming sources on one app. You can also have Reelgood alert you when a movie is streaming on whichever streaming network you’re subscribed to. Currently only available for iOS.


25. Easily Find a Movie Worth Watching

Flixfindr.com is one of the easier sites to use if you don’t want to spend too much time looking for a good movie on a particular streaming network. Simply hit the streaming site you’re on and filter by preferred genre, rating and year.


26. Watch Netflix in Virtual Reality

Have a VR gear? Check out Virtual Desktop and learn how you can use your computer in VR to stream movies, shows, play games and much more. See Virtual Desktop now. You can also try SPACE, a similar program that turns your once boring desktop into a VR wonderland for free.


27. Remove Those 15-Seconds Pauses Between Episodes

Available as a Google browser extension, you can binge watch your shows easily with no pauses in between episodes with the Netflix Pause Removal extension. A truly seamless streaming experience.



Don't have Netflix?

If you're trying to cut cost, streaming services are a lot cheaper than traditional cable. Plus, there's plenty to choose from. We recommend taking advantage of their free trials (and binge watch shows if you're planning to cancel after your free trial) to determine which streaming video service you like best. If you plan on subscribing, see what kind promotional offers they currently have for new subscribers:

Just wanna have a movie night? Take a look at free Redbox promo codes to help you score a free movie night or get lower theater prices with Fandango or Dealflicks.


Carry on and enjoy these hacks to improve your relationship with Netflix. Got more tips for us? Let us know in the comments below! Sharing is caring.


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