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Netflix Originals and Movies Coming in November 2017

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October 12, 2017 · 2.7k Views

Can you believe it? We're only two months away from the end of another year, but not before we share a few more Netflix original films and series coming in November! This month, prepare for an influx of returns and debuts of original series, such as Alias Grace (a Netflix production with CBC in Canada), Glitch (an Australian paranormal show), and The Punisher (a spinoff series of the outrageously popular Daredevil).

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netflix logo Originals Coming in November 2017

*Descriptions courtesy of Netflix

Alias Grace (Season 1) - Arriving November 3rd

"A mild-mannered woman convicted of a savage murder in 1840s becomes a young doctor's obsession. A miniseries based on the award-winning novel."


Lady Dynamite (Season 2) - Arriving November 10th

"Comedian Maria Bamford stars in a series inspired by her own life. It's the sometimes surreal story of a woman who loses -- and then finds -- her s**t."


The Killer (O Matador) - Arriving November 10th

"In lawless badlands, reclusive Cabeleira sets out to discover the fate of his gunman father and grows to be a feared assassin himself."


Blazing Transfer Students - Arriving November 11th

"Featuring the boys of Johnny's West, a gang of zany transfer students are recruited for a mysterious mission ordained by their shadowy principal."


Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers (Stand-Up Comedy Special) - Arriving November 21st

Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

"Affable comic Brian Regan takes dad humor to new heights as he talks board games, underwear elastic and looking for hot dogs in all the wrong places."


Barbra - Arriving November 22nd

barbra streisand

By lifescript [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

"With a career spanning six decades, Barbra Streisand is a legend of both stage and screen with a loyal, loving fanbase. Joined by an exciting roster of special guests, she takes audiences on a journey of her life’s work, like a stroll down mem’ry lane with a good friend."


She's Gotta Have It (Season 1) - Arriving November 23rd

"Nola Darling struggles to define herself and divide her time among friends, job and three lovers. A new take on Spike Lee's film, in 10 episodes."


Godless (Season 1) - Arriving November 23rd

godless netflix

"Frank Griffin's gang terrorizes the West as they hunt Roy Goode. The chase leads to the quiet town of La Belle, made up entirely of women."


Glitch (Season 2) - Arriving November 22nd

"A police officer and a doctor face an emotionally charged mystery when seven local residents inexplicably return from the dead in peak physical form."


More netflix logo Originals Coming in 2017


  • Wormwood - December 15
  • Bright - December 22

TBD in 2017

  • A Futile and Stupid Gesture 
  • Big Mouth (Season 1)
  • Cuba and the Cameraman
  • Dark (Season 1)
  • Death Note
  • Disjointed (Season 1)
  • Free Rein (Season 1)
  • Frontier
  • IO
  • iZombie (Season 3)
  • Kiboah Klashers
  • Kiss Me First (Season 1)
  • Kong: King of the Apes
  • LEGO Elves
  • Marvel's The Punisher (Season 1)
  • Reign (Season 4)
  • The Originals
  • See more at Netflix Media Center

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