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You Can Now Netflix With Your Long-Distance Friends

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March 29, 2016 · 4.9k Views

I'm in a long-distance relationship, so when I saw this, I almost fell out of my chair. I've tried doing the whole, "Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3, press play!" with my boyfriend for a movie so we can "watch it together," but let's be honest - connection speeds are different, laptops are different. It's just not the most effective or romantic thing. 

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.

- "Made with ♡ by Stephan"

Thankfully, there's a new Google Chrome extension that has the solution. You can now start or join a Netflix Party with your friends or partner, so you can all be jolly and merry and make commentary while you watch the same movie at the same time. Are you and your best friend at separate colleges? Netflix party. You can't be with your special someone tonight? Netflix party.

It only takes three easy steps:

  1. Install Netflix Party.
  2. Open a video in Netflix.
  3. Start or join a Netflix party by clicking on the  icon in the address bar to get the party started!

I want to test this out as soon as possible. I only wish there was a video chat option! If you try it, let us know what you think in the comments below!


dtran5 profile picture
Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).
CassieWizardApr 01, 2016
Well this changes things for everyone. I can totally see Grandma and grandbaby watching Frozen together even if they are 500 miles apart. Love it!
russellsilvermanMar 30, 2016
Where is my promo code to sign on Netflix
dtran5Apr 01, 2016
You can try a 1 month free trial by signing up on Netflix!
tian_zMar 29, 2016
This would be a really nice tool. Thx~

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