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6 Old Things You Should Upcycle Into Awesome Decorations

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August 13, 2016 · 3.8k Views

You know how the saying goes: one man's trash is another man's treasure. So many people just throw things away without any regard to the endless piles of discarded items laying in landfills and contributing to the destruction of the environment. Not only that but many of us are just throwing away our money by disposing perfectly good items that we either have no use for anymore or to make room for other belongings. The good news is that you can save money, reuse old items, and protect the environment at the same time. Read on for savvy and smart ideas for upcycling trash into treasure.

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  1. Planters and Vases. Why spend $50 or more on a brand new vase when you could make a unique one for less? There are so many different ways to upcycle old items to stylish new vases and planters. You could transform plastic jars and containers to cute little containers for plants. Just clean out the old containers and dry completely. Use a spray paint specifically formulated for plastic for best results. These redesigned containers will look great as small planter or as small vases.

    Source: Recycled Things
  2. Wood Pallets and Scraps. You don't need to spend a lot of money on stylish rustic furniture for your home. If you don't already have wooden pallets to spare, find some that you can score for cheap or even free. With a little creativity and work, you can turn it instantly into a small table or coffee table. You could also add some flair to the furniture by painting a new color over it. You can also do a lot with spare wood scraps including handmade signs, candle holders, plant holders, small shelves, and more.
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    Source: Luke O'Brien
  3. Old Compact Discs. Have you outgrown your music collection? Did you import all your songs on the cloud? If you can say yes to the questions above and you still have the old CDs to spare, you may want to try some of the following suggestions. You could smash up the discs into small pieces and use them to create a mosaic. The mosaic can be used to cover picture frames, mirror frames, table tops, and more. You can paint over the discs or glue pretty fabrics over the discs to create whimsical coasters for your drinks.

    Source: Bored Panda
  4. Old Denim and Clothes. Do you have a pile of old worn-out clothes that you can't really wear but don't feel right about throwing out? It's time to start thinking about fabric projects like handbags, quilts, pillow cases, baby clothes, accessories, skirts, book covers, shelf liners, etc. There are many ways to reuse fabric scraps, just use your imagination!
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    Source: Jelly Bean Quilts
  5. Maps and Atlases. Thanks to modern-day GPS devices and Google Maps, most people have no use for paper maps or atlases anymore. Fortunately, there are many great things you can create with old maps including covered storage boxes, coasters, decorative letters, journals, and platters. You can also use a map to add an element of design to furniture with decoupage. You can add decoupage maps to many pieces of furniture like tabletops, desks, end tables, drawers, the inside of drawers, and more.

    Source: Hello, Wonderful
  6. Small Tins, Odds, and Ends. Don't throw out all of your old metal tins, baby food jars, old toys, puzzles, games, books, and magazines. Transform your metal tins to small storage containers. Save the baby food jars and tun them into little herb planters for the kitchen. Take an old wooden doll house and paint over it to create a cute bookcase. Let old game boards become framed artwork or clever clocks. Hollow out old books and turn them into cleverly disguised hidden storage compartments.

    Source: Lonny

A creative mind is the first step to transforming trash to treasure. You don't have to be super crafty to create many of the of the projects mentioned, all you need is a little knowledge, the right supplies, and patience. Transforming old and used items to something fresh and exciting. It's nice to know you can make something beautiful and useful, it's also a great skill to have before the holiday season is upon us. You'll not only save a lot of money making your own gifts, but your recipient will receive something they can use and appreciate.


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Anna Peel is a freelance writer from Savannah, Georgia. She's written for many websites including CheapToday, ValueWalk, and Peku Publications. When she isn't writing, she is shopping for the best deals online and at bricks-and-mortar stores.
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