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13 Packing Hacks That Will Make Traveling a Breeze

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March 03, 2016 · 16k Views

Whether you're going off on Spring Break or getting ready to travel in the warmer months, I totally understand if you're stressing about packing and not having to check in luggage. Ideally, our lives would fit in a carry-on, but without the right packing abilities, that may not be the case. Thankfully, I've found some great packing hacks that will allow you to bring everything you need and then some. Keep reading for tips!

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First things first, decide which suitcase you will need.

Source: The Duds


Do you actually need 6 different pairs of shoes? 

Source: Smarter Travel


Ladies, I know we tend to overpack. Don't be that girl.

Source: Indulgy



Source: World Wide Insure


Guys, if you'll be in need of a suit, this is how you pack it.


Learn how to fold your clothes to maximize space.


After you've learned how to fold, this is how you do it in the suitcase.

Feel as relieved as this adorable cartoon character.


Remember these carry-on tips so you're never without your necessities!


Have questions about which liquids work?

Source: Direct Travel


More useful tips for light packing and disaster prevention.

Source: Business Insider via Design Taxi


In this day and age, traveling with tech is commonplace and this is the guide to help you maximize your devices when navigating through the airport.

Source: Direct Holiday Cottages via Brit + Co


A summary of everything you ever need to know about packing smart. Where has this been all my life?!

Source: Money We Have


By the way, if you need real-life visuals, here's how to pack like a pro. 

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