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10 Cool Facts About Costco’s Kirkland Signature

costco lady

Costco is the mecca for purchasing all types of goods in bulk quantities. You can find food, clothing, home goods, and more in quality and high quantity, but most notably, you will find their Kirkland Signature brand. Currently, Kirkland Signature hosts more than 300 items around Costco. The most impressive aspect about Kirkland Signature is…

How To Make Your Own Face Masks & Body Scrubs


(Meaghan is a guest blogger from Cook. Craft. Love.) I just cannot stop telling every single person I know about the benefits of making your own beauty products are home. I haven’t always been a DIY beauty kind of girl, but when you compare the price cut of making these products at home and the…

25 Best Amazon Shopping Hacks of All Time

25 amazon hacks

Amazon is undoubtedly the site to visit for all your shopping needs online, and it is well-known for providing tons of methods to snag great deals on things you want and need. You shouldn’t have to pay full price on things you want because every day, Amazon shares new deals, awesome perks, and cool shopping features most of…

Crispy Southwest Chicken

Crispy Southwest Chicken #3

(Jamie is a guest blogger from Jamie Cooks It Up!) This amazingly flavorful and easy to put together Crispy Southwest Chicken is fabulous! Chicken strips are coated with southwest seasonings, two kinds of cheese and dredged in buttery cracker crumbs. Baked in the oven, the chicken remains tender while the cheese and crumbs melt together…

25 Weird & Easy Ways to Make Money


Cash is one of those commodities that most can agree to be a universal perk, whether you find it on the sidewalk, earn it, or make some from a side gig. This is also why we are constantly on the hunt for ways to save or generate more cash on the side. Consider these easy…

Fun Back to School Printables

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(Andreja is a guest blogger from Itsy Bitsy Fun.) When you think about fall and school there’s one thing that really pops to mind – apples! It’s a fun theme to learn with so I’m sure your kids will love these apple themed printables! We’ll be learning the numbers, practising writing, having fun coloring and…