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12 Pets That Are Definitely More Fashionable Than Us

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January 14, 2017 · 2.3k Views

Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Dress Up Your Pet Day was established by an animal advocate, Colleen Paige, The day is meant for everyone to have fun with fashion and pets and most importantly, to promote pet adoption. Paige wanted to establish this day as a means of promoting awareness for homeless animals and helping them find a happy and healthy home. When dressing up your pets today, make sure they're as comfortable as possible!

"I really stress comfort and safety for your pet in terms of fashion. Of course, it’s common sense to never dress your pet in anything that can break and puncture the skin, cause choking, ingestion or heat exhaustion. If your pet doesn’t like wearing clothing, there is no use stressing them out by forcing them to wear something for human entertainment. Perhaps if that’s the case and you still want to participate, a nice new collar might be just the ticket."

-Colleen Paige

lightbulb icon We know our furry friends are a big part of our lives, so they need the best products to keep them going happily throughout the day. Check out our coupon pages for PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Food Direct, and even Costco for low-cost pet food, supplies, and more.

Need a few ideas? Here're a few pets that definitely rocked their outfits.


1. A cute little sweater for to keep your pup nice and warm


cutepuppyanddog // blogspot


2. Adidogs, this pup definitely pulled off athleisure better than any human

adida pugs

Pretty Pug Pics // Pinterest


3. This french bulldog is festival-ready!

french bulldog

Dream Wedding


4. This fierce cat 

cat lion



5. This adorable Harry Potter rabbit




6. This piglet fits right in 


ABC News

Write reviews to tell us about your shopping experiences!

petco review petsmart review pet food direct costco review


7. This bunny is looking so majestic in her rose crown


Katy Atkin // Pinterest


8. Marvel's Captain Chinchilla


Cosmia Magazine


9. This cat is looking incredibly paw-some




10. This sushi guinea pig




11. This sheep looks absolutely blissful in his floral necklace




12. The famous Jiffpom in his classic onesie




frugal pet tips


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