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15 Pieces Every Guy Should Have In His Closet This Fall

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
October 08, 2016 · 2.5k Views

Now that the temps are dropping, it’s time to take stock of your wardrobe situation. You want your clothes to be warm, yet stylish. From basics like sweaters and flannels to essential add-ins like a sharp wool suit, here are 15 items every guy should have in his closet this fall.

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15 Fashion Clothing Items Every Guy Should Have for The Fall

  1. Chunky button cardigan sweater

    chunky sweater


    A chunky button cardigan sweater is a must-have item for fall. It is perfect for layering and will keep you warm as we head into the cooler months. Not only practical, a cardigan sweater will help pull together your overall look. We love this cable knit button cardigan available at the Gap.
  2. Wool sweater

    wool sweater


    A warm wool sweater is an essential item this season. It’s perfectly fine to choose patterned over solid, a little individuality never hurt. Check out this lambswool sweater in varsity colorblock from the Gap.
  3. Turtleneck



    The turtleneck has shed its stuffy reputation and is now considered a very cool article of clothing. You’ll get the most wear by choosing a turtleneck in a classic style and color. Pair it with wool pants for the office, jeans and boots for the weekend, or a jacket for more formal occasions. Check out the Italian Merino Turtle Neck from Banana Republic.
  4. Fleece jacket



    If you don’t have a fleece jacket already, now is the time to get one. This handy outerwear item is just what you’ll need for Saturday brunch followed by a walk in the park to admire the foliage. Check out this fleece jacket from North Face.

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  5. Chino pants in earth tone colors



    We love your pink and marigold colored chinos, but it’s time to pack them away until next spring. This fall, look for chinos in seasonal appropriate colors like dark earth tones of green, brown, and gray. We love these chinos availabe in differen colors from Banana Republic.
  6. Corduroy pants



    Slightly heavier than chinos, corduroy pants will provide warmth and comfort this season. Another plus is versatility – corduroys are work appropriate, yet casual enough for a chill evening at the local pub. Check out the vintage cords in slim-straight fit from J.Crew.
  7. Dark denim jeans

    dark denim men


    Dark denim is an easy way to achieve the “smart casual” look – you may even get away with wearing them to the office. You want your jeans to be comfortable, but fit well. When it comes to denim, you can’t go wrong with Levi’s and we love these dark washed, skinny fit jeans.
  8. Flannel shirt



    Flannel shirts are now considered a wardrobe staple for men. Available in an array of colors and styles, this versatile item will offer comfort and warmth straight through the winter. You’ll find great patterns at Uniqlo and we are fond of the heavy flannel shirt in dark green.
  9. Denim shirt

    denim shirt


    Make sure this classic is part of your wardrobe this season. You can try out the denim-on-denim trend by wearing it with darker jeans, or pair with corduroys or chinos. For a casual look, check out this denim shirt from Topman.
  10. Wool suit

    wool suit


    The wool suit is a timeless classic and will provide extra warmth during fall and winter. Shop around to find one that is tailored to fit you like a glove. A well-made suit is not cheap, but it is an investment worth making. We love the Ludlow suit in English Donegal tweed from J.Crew.
  11. Stylish tie



    A tie is an accessory that a man can use to express his sense of personal style. And a skinny tie will look great with your tailored suit. Check out this Calvin Klein men’s abstract skinny tie available at Macy’s.

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  12. Leather boots

    leather boot


    For those cold days when regular shoes don’t cut it, you’ll need a good pair of leather boots. Look for boots which lace up to the ankle or higher. And make sure they are made of high-quality materials and fit well – this way you’ll have them for years to come. Check out the waterproof Guard Peak boots from Clarks.
  13. Brogues



    You’ll need a sharp pair of shoes to wear with your wool suit. Brogues are a gentlemanly version of the classic dress shoe. And they also look great with rolled up jeans. Check out the Banfield Limit in tan leather from Clarks.
  14. Wool Socks

    wool socks


    Take the edge off fall’s chill by wearing wool socks. There are a variety of blends available, so choose wisely to equip for how cold the fall and winter seasons get in your area. And don’t be afraid to be expressive, we love seeing fun patterns peaking out at the top of your shoes. Check out the Smartwool ‘Saturnsphere’ socks available at Nordstrom.
  15. Solid colored wool scarf

    wool scarf


    A wool scarf can make all the difference between being comfortable or being miserable when you are out and about. Stick to solid colors and you’ll be able to wear it with just about anything. We love this Ralph Lauren classic scarf made of a cashmere/wool blend available at Macy’s.

Fall is finally here. You can look forward to brisk weekend afternoons spent sipping and eating something with pumpkin it followed by evenings out with friends drinking seasonal beer, which probably also has pumpkin as a main ingredient. How can you not love this time of year? Follow this clothing guide and you’ll be ready to embrace the new season in style.

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