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8 Products That Will Help You Travel More Comfortably

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
March 21, 2017 · 3.1k Views

Welcome to seat 32C, the uncomfortable and cramped spot you will be sitting in for the next few hours. From very little leg room to too cold of temperatures, traveling isn’t always the most pleasant experience. With these eight convenient and affordable travel products, though, you can make your experiences around the world much more enjoyable.

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8 Products That Will Help You Travel More Comfortably

1. Ultimate Travel Pillow

travel pillow

Pull out this full lateral support pillow anywhere and anytime that you travel. It positions across your entire torso and loops around headrests for full comfort. This pillow is inflatable and fits right in your purse or carry-on bag. Fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer with the ultimate travel pillow. (Amazon, $23.95)


2. Luxe Self-Inflating Seat Cushion

self inflating sleep cushino

You know that feeling when you’re sitting for a long time and your butt starts to ache - or feel numb, even? So not fun, especially when you have another 4 hours on the airplane! The Luxe Self-Inflating Seat Cushion is self-inflating (as the name implies) and has a non-slip backing so it doesn’t move around when you sit on it. It’s perfect for bringing with you in a car, plane, train, or bus. It even stuffs inside its own small pouch for your packing convenience! (Magellan's, $41)


3. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

cocoon coolmax blanket

When you’re traveling and it gets a little too chilly, not having something to cover up with can be miserable. Skip the worries and pack yourself a warm and cozy blanket. The Cocoon Blanket is so lightweight that you can wear it as a scarf upon arrival, which will save space in your carry-on bag. Snuggle up with this and you can be sure to travel much more comfortably. (Amazon, $39.95)


4. Laptop Stand

laptop stand

A laptop stand is ideal for anyone flying and planning on bringing their computer along. Whether it’s getting some extra work done before you arrive, or just passing some time on the long flight, this product will make it so much easier! The stand raises your computer about three inches and only takes about five seconds to put together. No more uncomfortable slouching while trying to type when that person in front of you puts their seat back! (Amazon, $19)


5. Dressy Sweatpants

dressy sweats

Sometimes you just need to wear a comfy pair of sweatpants on your long trip, but don’t really want to get the weird looks that may come along with it. These amazingly soft sweatpants are designed to look just like normal dress pants! Now you can feel cozy AND confident when you hop on that train or plane, as no one will spot the difference! (Betabrand, $98)


6. Flask


Take the edge off while flying by bringing a flask along with you. For many people, alcohol boosts the mood and aids with sleep, making it a much smoother ride all around. With flying rules, you cannot exceed certain amounts of liquid, so this 3.5-ounce flask is the perfect size for regulations. (Amazon, $19.97)


7. Evian Natural Facial Spray


Let’s face it (pun intended)... traveling can make you feel a little grimy and fatigued, especially when it comes to your skin. This natural mineral water spray refreshes your skin and helps you feel rebalanced and ready to go! Always have this facial spray on hand to feel fresh every time you travel. (Amazon, $10.58)


8. PSI Bands

PSI band

Is there anything worse than being stuck in a car or on an airplane when you don’t feel well? I think not. With these stylish PSI bands, you won’t have to suffer any longer. Simply put one on each wrist to allow the bands to press against the body's main acupuncture point. These points are known to help cure nausea and motion sickness. If you find yourself feeling ill while traveling, this is a must have. (Amazon, $12.99)

These days, it is not easy getting comfortable while riding in that small airplane seat or that bumpy bus ride. There is no shame using certain items that will make you feel better while you are traveling. Head to the store or get online to pick up these products that will turn your unhappy experiences too much more pleasant ones.

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