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Pure Organic snacks review

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August 09, 2013 · 2.1k Views

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What back to school essentials list would be complete without addressing the snacking needs of students? Rather than retread ground that’s been done hundreds of times before we wanted to find a snack that is (a) healthy, (b) delicious and (c) as likely to appeal to kids on the school yard as it is to college bound scholars. That may sound like a tall order, but after many arduous hours of chewing, we’ve found some snacks that you definitely need to try!

Wildberry Apple Fruit & Veggie Strip

Upon unwrapping the packaging for the first time, I could not help but think about my childhood spent eating countless fruit roll ups which were packed in every lunch I brought to school. The biggest difference with Pure Organic’s version is that it is actually good for you. These strips leave out the refined sugar but add in veggies! As far as taste goes, the wild berry and apple flavor paired very well together, and I was pleasantly surprised to read that these fruit strips are gluten-free, organic, vegan and contain ⅔ of your recommended fruit and veggie servings for the day.

Pineapple & Passion fruit Fruit Sandwich

This little bite of organic goodness is packed with flavor, despite its relatively diminutive serving size. The ‘fruit sandwich’ contains two strips of passion fruit with one larger strip of pineapple sandwiched in between. The combination makes for a really sweet and tropical taste that is one of a kind. If you are on the go and craving a light snack, this organic treat is definitely a winner.

Cherry & Cashew Bar

The cherry & cashew bar by Pure is unlike any nutritious ‘bar’ I have ever tasted. The bar appears dense, but after biting into it, it is actually very soft and easy to chew. As far as flavor goes, the cherries and cashews complement each other nicely. The bar is packed with antioxidants and protein and can very easily stand in for breakfast if you are in a hurry. These bars are also an ideal snack to pack for long hikes or post workout munchies.

Pure has done a fantastic job with their snacks overall. Everything we tasted was better than comparable products in both taste and health. If we had any complaints it’s that the Fruit and Veggie strips and the Fruit Sandwiches are both on the small side. While the portions seemed small to us, ultimately I think school aged kids will be more than satisfied but college students might want to go for the bars.

You can buy Pure products directly from their website: http://thepurebar.com/

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