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10 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Employer at the End of An Interview

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
January 11, 2017 · 3.2k Views

You hear it at the end of every job interview: “Do you have any questions?” Believe it or not, your response to this seemingly innocent question can make or break your interview and determine whether or not the interviewer wants to move you along in the hiring process.

While we might simply be polite or nervous and answer no, this is the wrong response. If you have no questions at all about the position, interviewers are likely to feel as though you’re not prepared for the interview or not interested in the position.

Interviews are hard to come by, especially for jobs that require a ton of experience. Don’t give off that kind of vibe. Show the hiring manager that you’re ready for the company’s next big challenge. Here are some questions to ask so you get a good feel for what the company is like and the employer gets an idea of whether or not you’d be the best fit.

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Of course, there is such thing as asking the wrong types of questions. Keep the conversation professional by avoiding topics that focus on what’s in it for you. Employers want people who are interested in helping the company succeed. Therefore, don’t ask questions about pay, vacation or other benefits. Once you’re hired for the position, the employer will discuss these topics with you before you accept an offer.

Your job interview is an opportunity to shine. Don’t miss out on what could possibly be the job of your dreams by responding in the wrong manner. Always be prepared with at least several questions to show your interest. It’s better to ask questions now – before you get the job and find out that the position is the wrong fit for you.

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