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13 Reasons Why Dads Are the Best

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June 17, 2016 · 2.2k Views

A dad can be great for innumerable reasons - for getting you out of trouble with mom, for making you laugh, for supporting you no matter what - among a plethora of other things. Here is a tiny snippet of what our dads mean to us and the many reasons why we love them! 

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When your dad will do anything to make you happy.

When you're tiny so he wants to make you feel big and important.

When he encourages you to do things because he wants what's best for you.

When he's your every day Superman.

When the two of you bond and laugh over life's little things.

When he's willing to do anything to help you reach your goals.

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When he's embarrassing you in public, but you're secretly laughing inside and thinking about how much you love your dad.

When you know he's your go-to jar/bottle opener and handyman.

When mom's not around, so dad steps up to the plate and really, really tries.

When he makes playtime more fun no matter how tiring it could be.

When he makes bad situations more tolerable and sometimes even fun.

When he's a big jokester.

And finally, when he does things mom probably would disapprove of, but you can't help but be grateful that he's your crazy, old man.

Happy Father's Day!


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