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10 Regretful Purchases That Everyone Makes

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August 21, 2016 · 4k Views

We’ve all had buyer’s remorse – that moment when you absolutely regret the decision that you made to buy that item, which at the time you just had to have. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, it really turned out to be a choice that you truly regret.

Not only do you feel bad about the money you spent, you begin to feel foolish about your actions at the time. Mostly acting out of impulse, buyer’s remorse is not something you want to experience on a regular basis so take these hints for 10 things you should wait on before you jump to buy them.

Making purchases that we may regret later on is inevitable for some. Buying from reputable retailers can help, so check out our coupon pages for some of our favorite stores: Amazon, Nordstrom, and Kohl's.


  1. Workout Equipment. While this will seem like a good idea at the time, workout equipment can create huge buyer’s remorse. For one reason or another, you are gung-ho on purchasing a treadmill or elliptical only to have it months later it be used to hang your clothes on. You probably had the plan of using it, but soon lost interest. Before you invest in some workout equipment, try it out at the gym for a while before you decide to buy.

    Source: precor.com
  2. Kitchen Gadgets. We have all bought that one kitchen gadget that was going to transform the way we cook in the kitchen, only have it sit for months or even years unused. While you had the best of intentions when you bought it and really thought it could revolutionize your cooking, it seemed complicated and unnecessary when you got it home. To avoid making a purchase that you soon will regret, forego any kitchen gadget shopping unless it is for something you can’t seem to manage without.

    Source: dipfeed.com
  3. Made For TV Products. We’ve all seen their advertisements on TV and they promise to change our lives, but how many times have you fallen for these promotions only to be disappointed. Made for TV products in most instances don’t live up to the hype and fail miserably when put to the test. Don’t fall for these too good to be true products as you will only regret your decision to buy later and the money you wasted on a product you won’t use.

    Source: asseenontvwebstore.com
  4. High-Tech Electronics. Be sure you actually understand how to use the electronics that you buy before you get it home. Nothing can be more frustrating and off-putting as buying some high-tech electronics that later you can’t figure out how to work. If you can’t make it work and understand its functions, chances are you won’t end up using it. This can create buyer’s remorse as your new electronic item just sits gathering dust.

    source: justluxe.com
  5. Trendy Furniture. We all want to be more stylish and have a modern looking place, but making an impulse buy on a trendy piece of furniture can go haywire. For starters, trendy furniture pieces can go out of style quick, making you regret you ever bought it. In addition, furniture is one of the hardest things to take back to the store if you have changed your mind. You can’t just pack it up and take it back. It usually requires a team to move it and a form of transport to get it there. Steer clear of furniture stores when you are in a buying mood that could result in a radical purchase.

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  6. Clothes That Don’t Fit. How many times have you bought an outfit with the hopes that you’ll lose weight and then it will fit? Buying clothes that are too small and don’t fit is a sure way to get frustrated and create buyer’s remorse. You end up having clothes with the tags on them that don’t fit and maybe never will. It is a buying decision that should be avoided or you will regret it later.

    Source: articlesofstyle.com
  7. Greasy Food. While this one may not seem like a big deal, it can cause you some indigestion later. You are in the mood for a greasy burger and some fries, which sounds good at the moment, but an hour later your stomach will be mad at you because of all the grease you ingested. Greasy food has its moments, some of which you will regret, so don’t do this on a frequent basis.

    Source: today.com
  8. Tattoos. Tattoos can be a beautiful thing, but this buying decision is permanent and one many people regret. At a moment of weakness and without much thought you may have made the decision to get a tattoo. Not thinking this through can leave you permanently marked with an image that you are not too fond of. Don’t ever get a tattoo on impulse as you will surely regret it. Take your time when deciding to get a tattoo and think it through before you actually follow through.

    Source: people.com
  9. Vehicles. This can be an expensive lesson to learn, but buying a car without much thought can create loads of headaches and money troubles. Don’t fall for that flashy car with the slick sales price, you will only regret it later. Buying an impractical car can make you wish you had given a little more thought to your purchase. You will rightly so, be agonizing over the money you spent with a car that won’t meet your needs. Buying a car is a big decision. Give it time and do your research.
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  10. Homes. This one happens to a lot of people. They rush into buying a new home because they get wrapped up in the excitement of house shopping. While it can be fun to look at new houses, this really is a decision that has to be well thought out. The one you decide to buy is going to be your home after all and needs to fit your every need. Plus, homes aren’t exactly the item that you can just return to the store if you’re not happy with it. Before you buy a new home, take some time to really think about it and if it’s right for you and your family.
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Buyer’s remorse happens to all of us. If you can avoid it, all the better. Stay away from impulse buys as these are usually the ones that create regret. Take some time to make a purchase, especially if it is a large one. Don’t be in a hurry to make a purchase and put a little thought into it and you can avoid making a purchase that you will truly regret.


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