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Review Maui Wowi Coffee Beans

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October 09, 2013 · 1.7k Views

As part of our series of coffee reviews, we recently tested some of Maui Wowi’s coffee straight from Hawaii. We’ve been drinking a lot of coffee recently (purely for academic purposes of course) and we can honestly say that the Maui Wowi coffee was the best we’ve had over the last few weeks. While Starbucks, Peets, Green Mountain (Keurig) and others have all had some fairly strong showings, none were as balanced or flavorful as the Maui Wowi.

What We Liked

We brewed the Maui Wowi Mountain Roast using a fairly standard automatic drip machine. The grinds produced a deeply flavorful and balanced cup of coffee with a mild nutty character. What we liked best about the coffee was that the acidity was really mild, which makes the Maui Wowi go down incredibly smoothly (and perhaps a little too quickly). We also tried the Toasted Coconut. Like the Mountain Roast, the Toasted Coconut was delicious and surprisingly mild, the difference is that it had background notes of coconut. Unlike many flavored coffees, the flavoring did not overpower the coffee and it did not taste artificial.

What We Didn’t Like

The coffee we tested came with a fairly course grind (too course for a drip machine), which unfortunately lead to a weak batch of coffee. We compensated by adding more coffee and less water, which resulted in a great cup of coffee. We can’t blame Maui Wowi for this, their website lets you order several different grinds, just as a cautionary note, make sure that you get the right grind for your preferred brewing method.

Overall the Maui Wowi offerings are really top notch and highly recommended. You can buy them directly from Maui Wowi here


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