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8 Running Shoes We Love That Aren't Nike

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May 14, 2016 · 4.5k Views

Full disclosure: I am not a runner. But according to my Facebook feed, everyone is a marathon runner? (Like, when did we all stop our obsession with Netflix & chill? I really liked that.) So I took to my status to ask for help in finding the best running shoes. And per usual, the Internet did not disappoint with their opinions.


1. Asics


Nearly half of my online ‘experts’ suggested Asics. And like you, I wondered, “Wait, they’re still in business?” Yes, they are. And I would imagine it is part to the supportive platforms found in any running shoe by Asics. Advocates and even naysayers alike praise the arch support in the shoe. “My Asics make me feel like I’m floating,” protested one commenter, and “They are the best for knee support,” said another commenter. Most people who claimed Asics as the best running shoe were training for a first half-marathon or were newer runners. Additionally, women runners report to running 25-30 miles per week with the performance and high arch of their Asics.

2. Brooks


If Nike has any stiff competition, it’s Brooks. Left and right, I was told amazing narratives about this line being a game-changing athletic shoe. “Brooks [was] my ‘support’ shoe and provided stability without feeling too heavy—which is the worst! And they come in narrow sizes which my weirdly skinny feet need,” explained one former track star and current marathon runner. Brooks provides balance and negates the midfoot trusstic—making it ideal for those who prefer to run outside.

3. Saucony


For those who supinate, Saucony is your answered prayer. “I walk on the outsides of my feet. Most brands are all about arch support where as I need support on the outside. Saucony is the brand I've worn since middle school track because they're the only brand that feels the most comfortable and doesn't cause back pain because of wrongful support. I wear Nikes to be fashionable but even after a while just walking around and running errands in them they start to bother me,” explained one athlete. Saucony is a lightweight though durable alternative to Nike.

4. Mizuno

Source: Mizuno USA

I had never heard of this brand, but now that I have—I think this is one of my new favorites. As a close friend explained, “They are the perfect balance of light and supportive, and they always have the coolest designs on them! My first pair got me through two seasons of cross-country in high school and ever since then I've been on team Mizuno. Also, my current pair I've had for almost a year and they still look and feel great.” I can personally attest to their durability. I can wear a pair to the gym and around town all day without getting blisters or aches.

5. The North Face

Source: Mobile01

I know, I know, I almost forgot they made anything other than fleece jackets for “basic” sorority girls, too. It’s shame that’s what their known for, because their shoes hold an impeccable reputation in the athletic shoe industry. Unlike the shoes I mentioned above, this is a trail shoe. It’s for the hikers, the bikers, the rock climbers, the folks who seek adventure and comfort throughout their weekend. With that said, this shoe is slightly heavier than your average running shoe but serves as a dependable, near indestructible running shoe.

6. Adidas

Source: EU Kicks

As one of the top shoe brands in the world, Adidas has become more fashion-forward than ever. But that's not the only reason runners and athletes love their shoes. Their innovative designs paired with high tech performance make them a winner whether you're a marathon runner or casual jogger. Check out Adidas Adistar Boost ESM, Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, or Adidas Energy Boost and you'll see what we're talking about.

7. New Balance

Source: The Athlete's Foot

I think if you’re opting for a slighter cheaper shoe than Nike, New Balance is a fine alternative. While I wish the shoe had more long-lasting support, it is very lightweight, breathable, and fashion-forward (at times).

8. Altra One

Source: Altra Zero Drop Blog

Altra One is equipped for performance and athletic success. The shoe is structed with a wide toe box for increased comfort, and the heel and toe are level for low-impact running and training. Best part? Altra One keeps the runner in mind and has an A-Bound midsole cushions foot with each step. And yes, it is very breathable!


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