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8 Ways to Save On Your Cell Phone Bill

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August 10, 2015 · 1.8k Views

With smartphones becoming a daily necessity, the average American is now spending over a whopping $1,000 per year on their cell phone bill. As cell phone carriers sell additional features in addition to unlimited data, talk and text, you’re probably paying an extra few hundreds of dollars year after year on features you’ll barely use.

Check out 8 ways to save money on your cell phone bill for total savings of up to 70% off, no matter which cell phone carrier you use.

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1. Don’t Buy More Data Than You Need

Find out how much you actually use each month, and have your allowance lowered to that amount.

2. Use WiFi Every Chance You Get

If you’re cutting it close to your data limits, consider signing into WiFi every opportunity you get – which not only saves on data, but also saves your battery life. Just be sure to turn WiFi back off if you head to the great outdoors.

3. Stop Streaming Everything

Opt for purchased music rather than streaming music online. This can easily cut your data usage in half (or more). Watching Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime videos? Do so only when you’re on WiFi.

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4. Stop Checking Facebook and Emails Already

As most smartphone users tend to do, stop checking your Facebook and email every 30 minutes! Even better, set your phone to sync incoming mail/social media notifications for every two hours or more instead of the default 10-30 minutes. Again, you’ll also save on your battery life.

5. Stop Being a Loner – Get On a Family Plan


By paying for a solo cell phone bill, it’s easy to spend over $100 per person. Every line you add is only about $10 more, cutting the average cost per person by a whopping 55%! Those savings increase with every line you add. Convince the whole family to follow through with the above rules and you’re on your way to dropping down by the gigabyte.

6. Drop Your Tablet/iPod/HotSpot Service

Data can also be cut by eliminating plans for tablets or iPods, as well as phones that act as hot-spots. Oftentimes cell phone providers give away these devices for free, then tack a monthly access fee to your bill, along with the extra costs for having a larger amount of available data. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, it will actually cost you far more in the long-run. After all, they have to be funded every single month whether you use it or not!

If you still prefer using a tablet over your cell phone, sign up for data in order to get your tablet free of charge with two-year service. Then, cancel the data and pay the cancellation fee – you might even save up to $50 off your device! Or purchase the device outright and stick to WiFi. While it might sound simple, it’s an act that can cut up to $50 off your phone bill per month.

7. Look for Special Cell Phone Discounts

Another way to save handsomely is through available discounts. Customers are allowed to obtain military discounts, percentages off for working in a school, business write-offs, and more. Talk with your cell phone provider (or your accountant) to ensure you’re getting the highest amount off each and every single month.

8. Figure Out If You Really Need Extra Lines

Look to your phone usage and see just how necessary it is to host X number of lines. While most younger generations stick strictly to cell phones, older folks have strong ties to their landline, creating an added expense. However, if they can get used to using a cell phone instead, this is another area in which funds can be saved. And if it’s the feel that throws you off, there are headsets that can be plugged into modern smartphones, creating that same old fashioned look and feel without the monthly expense of a landline. (Not to mention long distance fees that are no longer an issue with cell phones.)

Just by adjusting a few habits, you can work to greatly reduce your monthly cell phone bill. Consider these small changes today and save hundreds off your cell phone bill!

by Jessica Smith

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