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8 Search Engines That Will Pay You to Search the Internet

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 31, 2016 · 2.8k Views

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities for us. In the past, when we wanted to catch up on the news, we had to watch TV, or read the newspaper. Now, all it takes is a couple clicks on our computer or smartphone.

Thanks to the Internet, you can work online and get paid. Did you know you can even get paid for searching the Web? It’s true! There are many sites that will reward you for online searches. You won’t get rich, but you’ll make a little extra cash for what you’re already doing, so it won’t require too much extra work. If you’re not ready to kick your Internet addiction just yet, sign up for one of the sites below and get to work.


1. Bing

Source: bing.com

Google won’t pay you to search the Internet. Neither will Yahoo! But Bing will. This Microsoft-owned search engine offers Bing Rewards to encourage people to use Bing as their search engine. It looks like it’s working because Bing is the second most commonly used search engine, behind Google. The rewards program is easy to use. Just sign up and use Bing to search the Internet. You can automatically make Bing your default browser or install the Bing toolbar to make it even easier to search. Every time you search, you receive credits. These credits can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards or sweepstakes entries. You’re limited to 15 credits per day, and each credit is worth a penny. At the end of the month, that’s only a maximum of $4.50, but in the course of a year, that’s more than $50. Better than nothing, right? Click here to get started.

2. Swagbucks

Source: swagbucks.com

This online portal allows you to get paid for things you do online anyway, like searching, shopping, surveys, coupon clipping, games, and more. You receive points for doing these activities, and you can redeem them for cash and gift cards. Click here to sign up.

3. SendEarnings

Source: sendearnings.com

This is similar to Swagbucks. You can earn cash by searching the Internet, reading emails, shopping online and playing games. Plus, you receive a $5 bonus when you sign up, so what have you got to lose? Click here to sign up.

4. Inbox Dollars

Source: inboxdollars.com

Inbox Dollars follows the same type of system as Swagbucks and SendEarnings. However, you don’t have to worry about points. You earn real money for doing web searches, reading emails, playing games, watching videos and completing offers and surveys. You can also enter daily sweepstakes for a chance to win gift cards and cash. You get a $5 bonus just for signing up. Click here to sign up and start earning some cash.

5. Grabpoints

Source: grabpoints.com

Formerly Zoombucks, Grabpoints allows you to earn points for activities such as Web searches, watching videos, downloading apps, taking surveys and more. Redeem your points for gift cards or cash via PayPal. Get started today by signing up here.

6. Scour

Source: scour.com

Scour has a different approach. You use Scour as a search engine and receive three points for each search. You receive results from three search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo! You can also earn points by voting and commenting on which search results are the best. You can earn up to 300 points a day. When you reach 6,500 points, you’ll earn a $25 Visa gift card or you can put the money into your PayPal account. If you work at this, you can do this every month. Click here to start searching and earning.

7. iRazoo

Source: irazoo.com

iRazoo doesn’t pay cash, but it rewards you with gift cards instead. Earn gift cards for Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, Target, Sears, JC Penney and other popular retailers. You earn four points for every search you perform, plus another four points for leaving feedback about the site. You can also earn points for clipping coupons, online shopping, playing games, watching videos, completing surveys and performing various tasks. You also earn 50 points for referring friends. Click here to sign up.

8. Qmee

Source: qmee.com

Qmee works a bit differently than the other sites on this list. With Qmee, you just download the browser app and search as you usually do with Google or your favorite search engine. It’s pretty basic and simple to use. You’ll receive cash rewards and coupons every time you go online. There is no minimum amount needed to cash out. You can get money directly into your PayPal account, or opt for a gift card or donation to a charity of your choice. Click here to sign up and try it for yourself.


While you won’t make any serious cash by simply searching the Internet, you can consider it a nice perk. After all, many of us spend a lot of time online anyway, so why not get rewarded it for it? Don’t quit your day job just yet, but do try to use one (or more) of the sites above and see how much you can earn just by shopping online and Googling your favorite celebrities.


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Linsay Thomas is a seasoned writer and editor who has written thousands of articles about topics such as saving money, healthcare, law, pets and education. She hails from California, where she lives with her husband, two children and a menagerie of pets. When she's not writing, she enjoys sports, breeding chocolate Labs and visiting the beach.

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