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Simple Closet Organizing Ideas

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January 15, 2016 · 7.9k Views

(Jessica is a guest blogger from Mom 4 Real.)

Finding a place to store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories in a small closet can be daunting to say the least. Maximizing your closet space is a must, and can make finding and actually wearing what you own a breeze. I’m excited to share some simple tips that will help you make the most of your closet space no matter how big or small it is.


The first trick to having an organized closet space is downsizing your wardrobe. Take inventory of your closet, and if you don’t love an item, get rid of it. The best way to do this is to take everything out of your closet and start with a clean slate. Pick up each article of clothing and really ask yourself each time how that item makes you feel. If it’s too tight, ditch it. Seriously…if it doesn’t make you feel good, let it go. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. Stop thinking that you may miss something if you get rid of it. You won’t miss it, and you will love a more streamlined closet space filled only with the things you absolutely love! Once you have purged what you don’t love, it’s time to organize!

Place things in your closet with like items. This way when you are getting dressed, you can find exactly what you need without digging. I like to go from right to left…casual shirts, button ups, vests, cardigans, dresses. It makes layering easier too if you know exactly where everything is.

Let’s talk about the shoes, shall we? Hopefully by the time you get to the shoes, you have ditched the ones you don’t love. I like to store shoes in a hanging shoe holder. I place one shoe facing the back and one shoe facing forward so I can see what is in each compartment.  I can grab exactly what I need in a snap! If you’re still hanging on to several pairs of old, beat up shoes, consider tossing those and investing in quality over quantity.

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I am a purse loving fool, so storing them so I can easily grab the one that matches my outfit is really important. I use a hanging bag holder to hold my in season handbags and clutches. This way I can grab the bag I need quickly.

For scarves, use an over the door hanging scarf/belt holder. This one has swinging arms so you can flip through your scarves with ease and keep them from getting wrinkled too. No more searching through bunched up scarves trying to find the right one!

This may be my favorite closet organizing gadget ever…the extended hanging rod! It is one of the few items that can add space under your hanging clothes without having to add anything permanently. It’s the perfect way to add extra hanging space!

I hope these closet storage ideas help you get motivated to not only clean out your closet, but get it organized too! Check out The Container Store Coupon Page for some awesome deals on storage and organization tools like the ones you saw here!

by Jessica Kielman
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I’m Jessica, a mom on a mission to show other women that you can live well without breaking the bank. I like to share the thrifty, creative ways that I make changes in my home in the hopes that it will spark the creativity in someone else! I love to share DIY projects, crafts, simple recipes and cleaning tips too!