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Simple Steps for Building a Raised Garden Bed

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April 01, 2014 · 1.8k Views

Growing your own plants in a raised garden bed can be a rewarding hobby and a fresh, inexpensive way to add more food to the pantry. The technique for building a raised garden bed is fairly easy and requires a limited amount of work and resources. Additionally, the raised bed works as a protective barrier to help make growing more successful.

Learn how to create your own raised garden bed by following the steps below.



Pick the perfect spot  

Be sure to select a place that is exposed to plenty of sunlight throughout the day to set-up your raised garden bed. You want to make sure your plants have a considerable amount of vital sunshine.  

Purchase supplies

Purchase 2X4s and 4X4s to make a rectangular shaped garden box. Also, you will need a shovel, a saw, landscape fabricfertilizer and plant seeds. You can grow a variety of beautiful flowers, tasty veggies and vibrant plants in your raised garden bed, and the entire project should cost under $100, depending on what supplies you already have.


Measure the desired area for the garden, and then dig the top layer of soil in the designated location to ensure your flower bed is level. Once the ground is even, cut landscaping fabric to fit the garden area and place the fabric on top of the soil.

Next, adjust the length of the boards to your preference. A 3X5 bed is common practice, but not necessary.

Once the boards are adjusted, screw the boards together to create the barrier for the garden, and set the box in the desired location.

Next add soil and fertilizer.

Finally, brush some of the dirt away and incorporate plant seeds into the soil.

This basic raised garden bed is an easy, cost-effective way to immerse yourself in horticulture and enjoy the outdoors


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