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10 Simple Ways to Make the Internet More User-Friendly

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August 19, 2016 · 1.2k Views

With the Internet consuming a good portion of your time, you need ways to make the experience quicker and easier at the same time. There are a number of tips and tricks out there that are specifically designed to give you a leg up when you browse.

Hacks such as reverse image searches and ways to quickly open new tabs are as simple as few clicks of your computer mouse. It will change the way you search on the Internet and use your computer from today on. Here are some hacks for getting the most out of your Internet searches.


  1. Reverse image searches. This one is an easy one, but one that everyone needs to learn. How great would it be to find the source of an image? You can do this in a search engine by simply dragging the image to the search bar. This will automatically pull up the source of the image, giving you the details you need on the subject. Or, if you want to get technical try right clicking on the image while you are holding down the S key. This will produce a popup window that allows you to select an image search. Both ways will produce the results you are looking for.

  2. Add .com to any URL. Are you sick of typing .com every time you want to visit a website? Don’t do it anymore. Just press Ctrl and Enter at the end of the address and .com will automatically populate. This will save you plenty of time when you search.
  3. Open your last tab. How many times have you accidently closed the window tab you were in and wasn’t done with the site? It happens frequently. There’s a quick fix for this. You can open the last tab you were in by pressing Ctrl, Shift, T. This will open the tab again and let you get back to work. You can also right click on any tab and choose "Reopen Closed Tab."

  4. Go to the address bar automatically. It’s a lot of work to constantly move the cursor to the address bar to enter a new search or web address. You can do this painstaking task by pressing Alt and D or Ctrl and L. This shortcut will get you to the address bar as fast as possible for those desperate searches that need to happen immediately.
  5. Increase the size of the text. If you’re getting older, your eyes might not be as good as they used to be and you need larger text on the screen. You can adjust the size of the copy by pressing Ctrl and + key. This will make the text larger. If it gets too big just make it smaller by hitting Ctrl and the – key. Now you can adjust the size as you like anytime you want. To go back to the original size, hit Ctrl and the 0 key.

  6. Go back a page. When you want to go back a page in your Internet search, don’t waste time hitting the back button. Just hit the Backspace button and it will instantly take you back a page. Keep pressing it until you get to the page you are looking for. This also works by pressing Alt and the left arrow key. You’ll get the same results with either trick.
  7. Open a link in a new window. It can be really annoying when you click on a link and it opens in the same page, causing you to lose that original site you were working with. This can be a real pain when you are doing research or clicking on multiple links. To load a link in a new window just hold down Ctrl key. This will allow the site to load in a new window, keeping your previous search intact. You can also right click a link and choose "Open Link in a new tab."

  8. Open your bookmarks. It seems easy enough to make bookmarks, but not so simple to open the actual bookmarks page. Open this in a jiffy by pressing Ctrl and B. This will open your bookmark history in an instant, giving you access to all your favorite sites.
  9. Activate find. Sometimes you are searching for something particular on a web page and need the Find function to make this happen. You probably find yourself fumbling around looking for where you can activate the find box and get your search started. Now you can access this option by pressing Ctrl and the F key. The Find box will instantly appear and get you on your way with that search.

  10. Refresh a webpage. If you are viewing a web page and want to see if anything new has been posted since you started viewing the site, it’s nice to be able to refresh the page and reload the website. Just press F5 and the page will reload. Ctrl and the R key also works to refresh pages.


These Internet hacks are sure to make your web browsing experience better and faster as you will be able to easily get to pages, links, and functions fast. No more searching frantically for that option you are looking for. These tips and tricks will make the most of your Internet time and make you more computer savvy as you use the Internet. Get started searching now and be sure to try out some of these hacks.


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Dawn is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer that is a self-confessed shopaholic - always on the lookout for a great deal. She loves food, travel and binging on Netflix. She has a background in marketing and worked as editor-in-chief of a monthly magazine. Currently, she focuses her time on crafting copy that her followers love to read.
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