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12 Simple Ways to Make Your House More Attractive to Buyers

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 17, 2016 · 3.7k Views

Selling your house? Then you’ll probably want to find a buyer and get it sold as soon as possible, especially if you need the money to buy a new house. But each buyer is different, so how do you make your home attractive to as many people as possible?

You have to look at your home from the perspective of a buyer. You may love the bold colors throughout the house, but most buyers won’t. You’ll have to analyze each room and see what type of changes need to be made. Need some help? Here are some tips to help you sell your home without the hassle.

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  1. Price it right. Before a potential buyer sets foot into your home, the first thing they’re going to want to know is the price. That’s because they don’t want to be looking at homes outside their budget. So work with a real estate agent and make sure your home is priced right. Otherwise, you’ll lose buyers who may end up buying the cheaper house down the street.

    Source: Maureen Bryant
  2. Blend in with the neighbors. Make a good first impression. You don’t typically want to keep up with the Joneses, but when selling a house, you don’t want it to stick out too much. Keep the house color neutral and do some landscaping. Curb appeal is very important, so make the outside attractive enough that buyers will want to look inside.
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  3. Start at the front door. The front door should look immaculate, with no chips or faded paint. Remove debris from the door mat and update lighting and door numbers if needed.

    Source: House Beautiful
  4. Remove clutter from the entryway. You don’t want potential buyers to trip over shoes and other clutter when they first walk in your house – not a good way to get a sale. Put away personal belongings and make the entryway free of distractions.
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  5. Upgrade the kitchen. The kitchen is usually the most desirable room in the house. This is the area where you might need to do the most upgrades, since you’ll get the highest return on your investment. Make sure the appliances are up to date and upgrade the countertops while you’re at it.

    Source: Home Finder Blog
  6. Spruce up the hallway. A buyer can be turned off by a hallway that seems awfully long and narrow. Break it up by adding artwork that contains the same color as the hallway paint color.
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  7. Add comfort to the living room. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home, and that can be difficult if the furniture is old and worn, or if the room is full of antiques. Add some fluffed-up accent pillows to the couch and remove rugs, which can cause trip hazards.

    Source: Memorable Decor
  8. Make the master bedroom look spacious. The master bedroom is important to many home buyers. The bigger, the better! Make your bedroom look bigger by removing furniture and clutter. Create the right mood with soft, attractive bedding.
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  9. Remove clutter from bedrooms. This may be challenging if you have kids, but you’ll want buyers to be able to walk into a bedroom without stepping on toys or tripping over stuffed animals. Get everything off the floor and into storage bins, the closet or under the bed. Open blinds for artificial lighting to show off the room.

    Source: Decoist
  10. Keep bathrooms clean. Buyers want bathrooms that are clean and uncluttered. A dirty bathroom can be a huge turnoff and affect a buyer’s opinion significantly. Add some comfort with rugs, fluffy towels and even a basket of toiletries to make buyers feel at ease.
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  11. Make the backyard party-friendly. When buyers look at a backyard, they often envision BBQs and parties (maybe even pool parties, if there’s a pool). They’re looking for a place to entertain guests and if the backyard is cluttered and not well-maintained, it can be a huge turnoff. Make it inviting enough for buyers will want to relax and stay a while.

    Source: Freshome


Here are some other tips to keep in mind when preparing your home for buyers:

  • Clean the decks with a pressure washer.
  • Touch up paint throughout the house.
  • Keep lawn well-maintained.
  • Update fixtures throughout the home, inside and out.
  • Do a thorough cleaning, inside and out.
  • Eliminate odors caused by pets and smoking.
  • Replace carpets.
  • Hire a professional stager to help arrange the furniture in your home to make it more appealing.
  • Get an inspection done before putting your house on the market.
  • Have your real estate agent put your home on as many websites as possible to maximize exposure.

Selling a home and moving into a new one can be a stressful experience, but by now you’ve hopefully gained some ideas regarding what buyers are looking for. Don’t leave your home on the market too long. By following the tips above, you’ll quickly gain interest from buyers. Who knows, you might even get multiple offers and sell your home for above asking price.


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Linsay Thomas is a seasoned writer and editor who has written thousands of articles about topics such as saving money, healthcare, law, pets and education. She hails from California, where she lives with her husband, two children and a menagerie of pets. When she's not writing, she enjoys sports, breeding chocolate Labs and visiting the beach.