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SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Review

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August 15, 2013 · 1.3k Views

What dorm room or office is complete without a mini basketball hoop? Between the hours of study, class, data entry, cold calling or other drudgery that takes up the middle part of your day, it can be hard to focus. We find that nothing recharges your batteries quite like a little bit of exercise and what better way to get that exercise than to challenge your roommate or cubemate to a game of horse (or in the case of a mini hoop a game of Shetland pony.

We’ve had the honor of testing the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop for the last couple of weeks and think it makes a great addition to any office or dorm, that said, there are some issues to be aware of.

What we loved about the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

We’ve never seen a mini hoop with the quality of the SKLZ pro mini. The backboard has the look and feel of an NBA board and it even has a spring action breakaway rim. The hoop comes with an ultra-high quality rubber ball unlike the foam or lightweight rubber balls that most hoops are packaged with, which definitely makes for a more consistent shot. Finally, the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop’s construction is strikingly robust; from the mounting brackets to the bolts that hold the rim in place, the SKLZ Mini Hoop feels like something that will last the full 4, 5, 6, or more years of a college education. If you are looking for the closest thing to a professional NBA set-up in a mini-hoop package the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop is the choice for you. There were however a couple problems with the SKLZ.

What we didn’t love about the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

While the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop does warn you on the box that an air pump is not included, it is easy to miss the warning and nothing disappoints more than tearing open the box only to discover that the ball comes deflated. We recognize that this inconvenience is the price you pay for a quality ball, but that doesn’t take the sting away as you sit forlornly staring back and forth between the flat disk of rubber and your awesome hoop. We even took a few shots with the flat ball just for fun. It does make a satisfying thwack sound when it slams into the rim and then slowly slides down but it’s not the same.

Our only other complaint is that the brackets that allow you to hang the hoop over a door are not adjustable. Unfortunately this means that if you have exceptionally thick doors, you are out of luck with the SKLZ but if the barbarians attack you are probably safe. Conversely, if your doors are even somewhat thin, the hoop vibrates on the door and makes a ton of racket. The noise isn’t a problem for some but if it’s late at night in the dorm (or mid-day at the office) the loud noise is sure to cause a problem.

Overall the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop is highly recommended; just don’t forget your ball pump.

Where to Get the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

We like to get the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop from The price is good and the customer service is always great.

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