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Sleigh the Competition with These 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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December 14, 2015 · 1.9k Views

It’s time to get ugly with it. Ugly Christmas sweaters are a part of all the festivities in December and you can wear these babies all month long. To the office, school, grocery shopping and at home. These also makes for great Christmas or White Elephant gifts by the way, so take a look below and pick up one today!

While the origins of the modern ugly Christmas sweaters phenomenon is unknown, several fingers points to Bill Cosby as the “founder”.

Top definition from urbandictionary.com defines Ugly Christmas Sweaters as:

“A hideous article of clothing, received from relatives who don’t like you. It’s origins are ancient and were initiated to punish kids who wouldn’t eat their spinach. The relative always had a horrifying affliction Ie: (mustached aunt) .

In recent years, the grown victims, have turned the tables, with the ugly sweater contest. the once feared object that was used to force you into submission, is now coveted party gear, that wins $ and prizes.

The word “sweater” is used loosely, as vests, turtlenecks, and various accessories are equally acceptable.”

In any case, the trend is still going strong and people are jumping on board wearing these ugly things loud and proud. We’ve scoured the net for the ugliest of the bunches but you know, you’ll have to DIY if you want em’ extra ugly.

Sleigh the Competition with These 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Make it rain this holiday season.
Gnarly Tees

On Wednesday we wear pink.

Can’t get better than Christmas, pizza and cats.

Also from RageOn! you can customize your own sweater to be as ugly as you want it to be (note: they carry wacky prints that may be too ugly even for you but perfect for a friend). See some samples below:

So this one is pretty cool, you’ll be walking around wearing 3 mini stockings and a tablet.

Does this look familiar to you?
tipsy elves

Let’s be ugly together :)
tipsy elves

Take it 3D with this stuffed moose sweater.
Ugly Christmas Sweater

A traditional ugly Christmas cardigan. Beautiful.
The Sweater Store

Level up on the tacky with this lighted Ugly sweater.

Wanna sleigh the competition completely? DIY! Add even more lights to your sweater by sewing or gluing Christmas lights onto an existing sweater. You can easily purchase a cheap set of Christmas lights for your DIY project at any dollar store this holiday season. Here’s our top recommendation:

Set of 2 Micro 30 LED Wire Lights 9.8ft (5 color options available) for $8.39 at Amazon

Its ugly and cute, wear it loud and proud.

This sweater is up for auction at , a great place to find galore of intensely ugly Christmas sweaters. We’re not kidding, check out these few that we spotted from ebay:

Tacky Reindeer Plush Sweater

Tacky Reindeer Sweater Version 2

This is a little more tamed but in a cute ugly way.
Forever 21

by Victoria Cao

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