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7 Small Steps You Can Take to Get In Your Best Shape

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Jazmine ReedGuest Blogger
May 25, 2016 · 4.2k Views

Summer is right around the corner, so I know many of us are working hard to get our bodies in tip top shape. While it does take plenty of hard work and dedication, it is a culmination of small things adding up to make a big difference. Check out these small steps you can towards towards a healthier, more fit you. Good luck!


1. Observe and examine your current diet and goals.

Source: Body Metrx

Okay, so it’s a tad anti-climatic to start your new lifestyle off with something so boring; but in order to know where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you’ve been. And for most of us, that’s McDonald’s.

It’s not enough to say, “I don’t eat well”, or “I don’t work out”, you’ve got to go that extra mile (figuratively, for now) and find out why.

For example, as someone recently underwhelmed with their body, I took to the gym and protein shakes and didn’t see much result at first. I began to ask around for advice. And nearly everyone said to pay attention to my nutrition. But I was eating clean to no avail.

So I started asking myself why. Why am I eating this? Why am I working out? Why am I not working out today? Why did I decide it was time to eat? It was at that time, I was able to acknowledge my subconscious eating habits and see just how many excuses I was making to get out of working out. Personally, I eat well; I don’t eat in moderation. That’s something I am actively working on, but it was vital to understand that.

2. Not all fads were created equal.

Source: Competitor.com

What’s more clogged - your arteries or your Facebook feed about diet fads you must try? (#DadJokes, #WhenYoureNotAParent, etc.) It can be frustrating, sure, but it can also be very misleading.

Our bodies consume and react to diets differently than our peers. The Paleo diet may work for some, but it could be unhealthy for others. I’ve tried the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, the military diet, everything. As unfortunate as it is due to current events, my body reacted most positive to the Subway diet. (Eating a turkey sandwich with a salad or healthy side for nearly every meal.) Whereas, I feel like I gained weight on some of the other aforementioned diets.

If you can afford it, getting your DNA tested and finding out from an expert what will work best for your blood type is one of the better routes to go!

3. Set small, realistic goals.

Source: Very Well

Things that should go ‘0 to 100 real quick’: cars, whatever “it” is that Drake’s referring to in his hit single, the caffeine in this cup of coffee—but not your diet and fitness routine. 

It’s seductive to feed into the adrenaline you feel once you decide to change your lifestyle. You’re nearly boiling over with energy and inspiration, and you should put that energy into your workouts and mindset. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a 6-pack.

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Just as someone looking for the perfect job outside of college or the perfect spouse, a journey to success doesn’t come without stumbling, learning, failing and finding a steady pace. A realistic goal is to lose one to two pounds per week for the first six to eight weeks. If you’ve never worked out before, don’t promise yourself that you’re going to hit the gym five times per week. Be mindful and be committal with yourself first.

4. Make unavoidable, everyday activities into mini workout blasts.

Source: Shape Magazine

Most of us say we don’t have time to workout. Most of us are liars. Liars with bodies we’re not super proud of. Until you decide to workout, here are some small things you can do every single day to help your body:

Need to reach for something? Tighten your abs and stretch for that dish above your head.

Looking for a parking space? Park at the every end of the lot, and walk. Also, tighten your gluts while you walk. 

Waiting for a webpage to load or in line at a coffee shop? Move yours arm around and get your blood flowing.

Take the stairs.

Do lunges to the coffee machine.

Jog in place while waiting for the shower to get warm.

5. Drink one big glass of water or green tea before and after every meal.

Source: Udemy Blog

It’s simple; it fills you up and prevents you from overeating your meals.

6. Meal prep.

Source: Imgur

There are many reasons to meal prep. Even the logistical reasons—it’s time and cost effective. You’re able to use fresh produce in a timely manner, literally see how much you're making and using, and save time (for working out) by making your meals in advance. Additionally, it's easier to turn down invites to eat out when you have a chicken breast waiting for you at home. Lastly, you're able to determine what's going into your mouth and portion-control your meals! 

7. Digitally track your journey.

Source: Chatelaine

I can't believe I am encouraging #gymselfies, but I've noticed that when you're commited to maintaining a fitness blog, fitness Instagram, or making a conscious effort to share your fitness journey online, you're apt to stay committed to your goals entirely. It's amazing to hold evidence of your progression and have photos to look back on. We always have photos of our goals; we should keep a digital diary of the entire journey.

Consider investing in a Fitbit to keep you on track and motivated! 



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