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14 Smart Shopping Tricks to Save at T.J. Maxx

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
July 21, 2017 · 74.7k Views

T.J. Maxx store

Santee T.J. Maxx by Kimco Realty / CC BY-ND 2.0 via Flickr


You may love shopping at discount department store chain T.J. Maxx, but are you a true Maxxinista? Are you able to go beyond the price tag and really save? Chances are, you still have a lot to learn when it comes to shopping at T.J. Maxx, like subscribing to our T.J. Maxx coupons to always get the latest news on their latest promotions and sales.

In the midst of store closures and downsizing retailers from big names like Michael Kors, Macy’s, and JCPenney, the T.J. Maxx franchise is thriving with increasing sales for the past 33 quarters and plans to open 250 stores in 2017. Where many retailers are riveting their focus on e-commerce by augmenting their value via the acquisition of smaller companies, T.J. Maxx has been relying on the simple fact that people still like to shop in stores with consistently fair prices on brands they like.

Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, T.J. Maxx’s secret weapon is their merchandise buyers who are required to attend intensive schooling and training their first three years on the job. At TJX University, buyers are taught to evaluate and recognize the value of a product based on an actual formula that includes ratings from 1 through 4 of the brand, fashion, price, and quality. What’s a perfect buy? A score of 16.

These merchandise buyers offer something many big department stores can’t, and that’s a treasure hunt for goods at slashed retail prices of up to 60% off. T.J. Maxx is perpetually pumping truckloads of new inventory into their stores. The fresh merchandise from thousands of suppliers arrives at their locations nationwide several times a week, giving customers a good reason to visit the store for new products regularly and also making it easy for the off-price retailer to acclimate to ever-changing fashion trends. On the contrary, department stores are committed to partnerships with specific brands even if they don’t sell, and these brands are paying department stores to house their products. Speed is not a priority for department stores like it is for T.J. Maxx as many big retailers order products months in advance so trends cannot be accounted for. The difference in strategy here weighs heavily in recognizing shoppers’ preferences in regards to product selection and prices.

Although you will never find discounts or promotions at T.J. Maxx like you would at Macy’s or Kohl’s, you will find markdowns and items moved to the clearance section. Regardless, T.J. Maxx customers can always rely on off-priced goods and a new variety of choices whenever they shop. Even though the prices are already great, there are secret shopping tricks that can get you rock-bottom prices at T.J. Maxx. Check out our list of tips!

T.J. Maxx offers exceptional deals on designer clothing (and other items as well, although most shoppers go for the clothes), but it’s possible to save even more. Follow the 13 tips outlined below to maximize your savings on your next trip.


  1. Check the clearance section.
    If you find something you like, but it’s not on clearance, don’t despair. Instead, be proactive. Check the clearance section to see if a similar item can be found there, as sometimes items that are the same end up being missed when it’s time to mark them down.

  2. Don’t immediately disregard imperfect merchandise.
    Only 5% of the items at T.J. Maxx are imperfect, and it’s usually for minor cosmetic reasons. The shirt you have your eye on may be missing a button. Maybe one pant leg of those gorgeous dress pants is a half-centimeter shorter than the other. Are you willing to live with these imperfections and buy the item as is? If so, you can save big.

  3. Know when to shop.
    While T.J. Maxx is receiving shipments all the time, you can typically find new inventory and markdowns between Tuesday and Friday. Because markdowns are typically made before the store opens, your best bet is to shop on Wednesday mornings so you get to the latest bargains before other shoppers arrive later on.

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  4. Shop seasonally.
    T.J. Maxx changes out its clothing in January and July. This is when the store is trying to get rid of older clothing and make way for new inventory. This is a good time to save big on clothing that you can wear the following winter or summer.

  5. Don’t be afraid to haggle.
    If you notice an item with an imperfection, but it’s not tagged to sell as is, talk to an associate. You may be able to drop the price even further – between 10% to 20%. So don’t be shy – this is your hard-earned money we’re talking about.

  6. Know your tags.
    Spot a gorgeous dress with a purple tag? That means that it came straight off the runway, so you’ll want to snag that item quickly if you desire higher-end clothing. See a cute shirt with a yellow tag? That means that you better get that shirt while you can because that’s as low as the price will go. You won’t save any more money by waiting, so if you really want it, don’t delay.

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  7. Be active on social media.
    You won’t find out about freebies and giveaways just by walking into your local T.J. Maxx store. You’ll have to hunt down these goodies on social media. Follow T.J. Maxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and you’ll be in the know when the store brings in new products, has a contest or announces a new sale or deal. You can even score freebies just for using their hashtags in a Twitter post. Can you say #awesome?

  8. Don’t fall for fake coupons.
    Nobody has ever seen a physical T.J. Maxx coupon, so if someone tries to give you one, don’t get too excited. If it’s not mentioned on one of the social media sites mentioned above, it’s likely not the real thing.

  9. Get new arrival alerts.
    If you absolutely need to know whenever T.J. Maxx receives new arrivals, then you need to sign up for these free emails. You’ll receive the notifications and thus be able to stay on-trend while saving big bucks. It’s a win-win!

  10. Know that there are no price adjustments.
    Once you buy something, there are no price adjustments. So if you buy a shirt for $20 and it gets marked down to $10 the following week, you won’t be able to receive the $10 price difference. T.J. Maxx does not have that policy, unlike other retailers. That’s because their inventory comes and goes so quickly. That’s the biggest risk you take when you buy there.

  11. Do your holiday shopping at T.J. Maxx.
    T.J. Maxx brings in new inventory constantly, so you can shop the day before Christmas and still nab some brand-new duds for your bestie. T.J. Maxx also has more than just clothing. You can find some cool gifts for the foodie in your life, such as gift baskets, pasta, olive oils and kitchen appliances.

  12. Don’t miss out on beauty buys.
    Again, T.J. Maxx isn’t just about the clothes. You can score some awesome beauty buys there as well, so if you’re in need of new perfume, nail polish or lipstick, be sure to swing by the beauty section while you’re there and save big.

  13. Shop online if you can’t find it in store.
    With inventory moving so fast, it’s impossible for stores to keep every size and color in stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local store, try looking for it online. It’ll be much easier, less stressful and less time-consuming than literally searching every rack of every store in your area. Shipping is free if you spend $89 or more, but they frequently have free shipping, no minimum days, so stay on the lookout.

  14. Buy discounted gift cards.
    Visit sites like Raise and Gift Card Granny to find discounted gift cards to T.J. Maxx. Right now, you can save almost 7% on gift cards, and although that may not seem like a lot, it makes a difference in the end.


When shopping at T.J. Maxx, you don’t have to settle for the price on the tag. With these tricks, you can enjoy even deeper discounts on the clothes you want and love. Now that you know how to enhance your shopping experience at T.J. Maxx, are you ready to become a true Maxxinista?

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AbagailZuritisAug 04, 2016
Missed a biggie I think. You can get discounted gift cards through Raise.com at DealsPlus. And since they're used just like cash the 14% (right now) that you save is on EvErYtHiNg in store. I think you can even buy the Marshalls or HomeGoods ones and use them at TJMaxx

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