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8 Smartphone Photography Tricks to Enhance Your Shots

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August 07, 2016 · 3.4k Views

Everyone is taking pictures with their smartphone these days. A smartphone’s easy to use camera can turn anyone into a photographer. With a few simple tips you can improve the quality of your photos, making them all keepers for the album or Facebook. You won’t be taking the photo over and over again to get it just right and you’ll end up with a perfect photo every time. Try some of these ideas next time you are using your smartphone to take a pictures. *Note: These tips may only be applicable to iPhones.

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1. Manually adjust the lighting.

Source: iPhone Photography School

While your smartphone does a good job of adjusting the lighting necessary to take a picture, you can manually do a better job. Look for ways to add lighting to the picture without using your camera flash, which can distort the final product. Pictures taken in natural light work best, but on some days this isn’t the best option. For indoor pictures, infuse some light into the room to make it brighter. For outdoor pictures, get serious and add lighting by using reflective materials to light up the space.

2. Avoid zooming.

Source: iPhone Photography School

The best way to get a close up picture is to get close up to the subject. This will allow the subject to fill the frame of the camera. Don’t use the zoom as this distorts the quality of the image and won’t get as much detail as if you were right up on the subject. If you get too much of the image in the frame you can always crop the photo. This will help to maintain its high quality resolution and make for a better photo. Smartphone zoom lens aren’t designed to pick up detail and will degrade your photo quality. Avoid using it at all costs.

3. Get steady.

Source: Dennis James via Jenders

A lot of smartphone photos are blurry because you are shaking or moving when you are taking them. Put a stop to the blurriness by using a steady platform to take you photo. You can invest in an affordable tripod that will do the trick. This will steady your smartphone camera during the shoot and will allow you to get the picture in one take.

4. Keep it clean.

Source: TechnoBezz

Smudges or dirt on your camera lens can affect the quality of your shot by having these foreign bodies show up in the picture. Clean your smartphone camera lens before you are going to take a picture to make sure no blemishes appear unnaturally in the photo. Use a cloth and some lens cleaner to get the best effect.

5. Enable HDR.

Source: Ars Technica

This simple to turn on feature on your smartphone camera can work to enhance your final image by using two exposures to take the picture and combining it into a final image. You will get a more dynamic contrast with the HDR mode on and it will allow you to get more detail in your photo as it plays with the light. You won’t want to use the HDR mode all the time, but when you do you will see a great difference in the photo you took with it versus the one you took without it. Play with this feature and you’ll get the hang of when it will work for the image you are trying to shoot.

6. Forget the filters.

Source: iPhone Photography School

While smartphone camera filters are fun to play with they are overused and tired. If you want a professional looking photo opt to go without adding a filter. If you want to change some aspect of your image such as; the brightness or contrast use a photo editing software to make this happen. It will greatly improve the final outcome of your image and won’t have you creating a “me too” image with your smartphone camera.

7. Invest in editing software.

Source: iMore

As mentioned above, but is worth mentioning again, invest in a photo editing app that you can use on your smartphone or computer. This will allow you to adjust your photos to exactly how you want them and will greatly improve the overall look of the picture. You can add filters through these types of apps to get the desired effect you are looking for or adjust the image levels for just the right final product. Your pictures will look more professional by using an editing program and won’t be so susceptible to common photo failures.

8. Point and shoot.

Source: Bon Appetit

The best way to get good at taking pictures with your smartphone is to take pictures – a lot of them. Whenever the mood strikes you take a photo. Experiment with different angles, people and still lives. You’ll soon find that you are getting better and better in every way at taking photos with your smartphone camera. Play with its features and use these suggested tips to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

With a little practice you will be able to take professional looking photos with just the click of your smartphone’s camera. These tips can help you get a quality image first time around and will improve your success rate with all the photos you take.


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