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Someone Created a Cure for PMS and Here's How It Tastes

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June 11, 2016 · 1.8k Views


This product is full of glorious Placebo effect but hey, that's still an effect! The taste is love/hate. The price is a little much. But it's something fun to try out and might be worth it as a gift for a loved one or a monthly gift to yourself. So eat your heart out, Sharks. You might have missed out on a needle in haystack. Only time will tell. 

I am a self-proclaimed Shark Tank fanatic. My boyfriend and I watch it every Saturday morning when it comes out on hulu and judge the pitches, the product and the sharks. It's a grand old time. Recently, a very interesting product was pitched. It was called "PMS Bites" and it's a healthier alternative to sugar and fat-rich chocolates and sweets that some ladies crave during their womanly time. They are: vegan, gluten-free, natural and they also claim to include "herbs" then help combat the symptoms of PMS, primarily bloating and cramps (more on that later). 

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I was a little bit captivated by the woman pitching the sharks. Her name is Tania Green. She was calm, clear, concise and she didn't back down. Mad props to her. The presence of a boss lady was before us. But I was a bit dubious about the PMS Bites, as they are affectionately called. So, I decided to investigate for myself: how are these PMS Bites? Do they cure my PMS? Are they magical? Can ingesting small bites of health-ish goodness really make any difference on PMS?

(dun dun DUN *mysterious music plays*)

Source: DealsPlus

Well, ladies and gentlemen (though mostly ladies, you know), the jury is out on the case of PMS Bites vs. Olivia's Mouth. But I will do my best to share some of my thoughts and reactions so you can decide if you want to pony up the $14.99 for yourself or a very special lady in your life.

Overall: I liked them! Genuinely. But, not for the reason you might expect. In terms of taste, I have the sense that you're going to love it or hate it and your expectations (or lackthereof) will play a big role. I didn't have too many assumptions and so, I was pleasantly surprised. They taste like the type of "healthy" snack you would find at a farmer's market in the Bay Area. Tasty but in a more relaxed way, pure flavors, nothing over the top. They sort of taste like chewy....a mix between a brownie and donut. It's chocolate-y (chocolate-esque?) without being quite as over the top sweet as a candy bar. 

I will say, my boyfriend tasted the bites and he immediately and emphatically disliked them. He said they tasted "gross" and asked "why would you eat these when you can just go buy chocolate?" Well, boyfriend, sometimes it's cool to be healthy for a change but hey, to each his own. 

Next, I'll examine some of their claims, namely that these bites are healthier and thus, will ease symptoms of PMS and make your cycle a little less severe. I must confess, I do not have extreme cramps (most of the time), and I get them but mostly the garden variety. So maybe I'm missing out on some of the deeper complexities, but frankly, these bites didn't do jack squat for my cramps. 

The information states that these bites contain herbs that some people believe help combat bloating and pain. Um, I'm gonna take that one with a grain of salt. I ate all 6 in one sitting and did not notice any changes in my feelings of being bloated, crampy or anything of the like. To me though, that's fine. They can just be a tasty treat, not a cure all of PMS.

Source: DealsPlus

So, confession time: I went HAM on the PMS bites. Do I regret it? Kinda. Would I do it again? YUP. These bites came in a neat, pretty, adorable lil box with 6 tasty bites arranged in it (I got the mixed kind, with Plain Crazy, CocoNutty and All Kinds of Nuts). I don't have the very best self control, ahem, so yes, I ate all 6 in one sitting. They are pretty small! And kind of addictive! What's a PMS-ing gal to do? (Not exercise self control, apparently). 

I think in the future it might behoove them (yeah, I said BEHOOVE!) to wrap each bite individually or in twos, just to help aid us in the self control department. But, overall, I have to say I really, truly liked them. The shipping process was seamless, their website is clear, easy and pretty and their packaging is adorable. 

What I truly loved most (and have found myself looking forward to since) was giving myself a little treat to look forward to. Let's be real here for a moment, getting your period is a pretty unfortunate monthly occurrence. There aren't many products I can think of (other then buying yourself some nice tampax pearl tampons) that is really just aimed for ladies who have their period. It's a less then stellar time of the month and I found myself thrilled to have a little treat for me to enjoy. 

And yes, it's maybe not as drool-worthy and tasty as a snickers bar (or a snickers bar lightly microwaved, please trust me on this one), but I felt more able to enjoy it and feel little to no lingering guilt since it's on the healthier side. Overall, I think the founder is flipping amazing, this product will be hit or miss depending on how much other ladies likes the taste, but overall they are a fun, creative and unique way for women to embrace that time of the month just a little bit more and do something nice for themselves. 

So, I bit the bullet and went ahead and subscribed for a monthly recurring subscriptions (you can also save a couple dollars that way too). Overall, this service is not particularly cheap at $14.99, some might say overpriced. You can save 10% when you subscribe, but even then you pay $13.49 per month for 6 small gourmet treats. One positive is that shipping is free on every order, which sweetens the deal a bit.

You will need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself to see if that amount works in your budget. It's a fun thing to try out, so if you are curious and you think you might like them then you can go ahead and try it for 1 month! It takes 6 days to ship, so I planned it to come the second day of my period (if you are lucky enough to be able to plan) and that worked out pretty well. 

Would you try these healthy little balls?

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