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New Starbucks Loyalty Rewards Program Goes Live

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February 22, 2016 · 5.2k Views

Starbucks Rewards

UPDATED 4/11/2016:

One of our fellow staff members just received an email update from Starbucks:

On Tuesday, April 12, we're launching the new Starbucks Rewards.

You'll start to collect 2 Stars for every $1 you spend on coffee, food, drinks, mugs—and more.

The new loyalty reward program will go live tomorrow 4/12 and they're making updates to the Starbucks app and website today 4/11. As the mobile app undergo new updates, Starbucks warn coffee lovers that the app may not be working properly today. But fear not, you'll still be able to order ahead, collect stars, redeem rewards and pay on your phone. 

If you notice some stars going missing or certain information are incorrect, check back on the app tomorrow as Starbucks will be working to track all information again once their app is fully updated. Make sure you check your Starbucks app for the full update and details tomorrow!

On Tuesday, April 12, the new program launches. Gold and Green members will keep their current membership level, and Welcome members will be upgraded to Green. Any rewards you've already earned will carry over and any Stars you had in your account will be multiplied by 11 to reflect the program change.



Guess what? Your Starbucks Loyalty Rewards program terms are changing. Coming April, My Starbucks Rewards becomes just Starbucks Rewards and this change comes from Starbucks members demands.

Previously, Starbucks Reward members can only earn 1 star per visit regardless of how much is purchased per transaction. Starbucks has found that due to this limitation, members were holding up the line by making several separate transactions in order to gain more stars. With the new Starbucks Rewards, rather than earning stars per visit, members will now be able to earn 2 stars per dollar spent.

This idea came to be via “#1 Request on My Starbucks Idea” and will officially take place beginning April. How it works?

Goldstar members have to earn 125 Stars ($62.50) before they can redeem a free drink on the menu. Previously in the old program, you would have to make 12 separate transactions, where the average per transaction is $5, in order to earn a free drink.


Starbucks Rewards


Another change is that Starbucks will automatically be upgrading all Welcome Level members to Green level so they can access membership benefits instantly. For Gold members only, there will be monthly Double-Star Days where you have the opportunity to earn even more Stars per dollar spent. The new program will also take into consideration any partial Stars earn and they will be applied toward your Star total.


Starbucks Rewards


How to earn more Stars? Starbucks allows members multiple opportunities to earn more Stars with purchases from:

  • Starbucks Stores

  • Teavana (their tea chain) or Evolution Fresh

  • Starbucks purchases from grocery stores

  • Special Offers

  • Refer a Friend Program

  • Double-Star Days

  • More details at Starbucks.com


In addition to in-store purchase, Starbucks also extends their program earning abilities online at store.starbucks.com and teavana.com. If you're planning to purchase online, don't forget to use a Starbucks promo code to help you save on your purchase (and earn Stars!). Starbucks typically offers an extra 5% to 10% off online purchases with a code and you'll save a lot on quality teas at Teavana when you shop their online sale with Teavana coupons

According to Starbucks, this is only the beginning and they have plans to continue improving their rewards membership experience once the new program rolls out. Are you onboard for this new program? 





monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
greenrose1441Apr 18, 2016
I have a complaint @ the Starbucks I go to, don't give receipts & I'm usually in a hurry & forget to check. I thought there was a law that you have to give a receipt, otherwise how do I know I'm being charged right amount & that I am receiving proper # of points & that they are going to me & not the cashier & if I drive off & find I wasn't given all my order or even the proper order, how can I prove without receipt. I've been given different reasons for not receiving a receipt & none are acceptable. If this is not corrected I will get help with the proper authorities cause I am tired if this.
dddsssFeb 26, 2016
Would be great if we could plus or save articles to our page.
eilareFeb 23, 2016
Finally they figured how to make it better!!
BluSkyGreenGrassFeb 22, 2016
makes me wanna get a starbucks rewards card!

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