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Storage Solutions: How to Create a Clutter-Free Kids’ Playroom

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April 21, 2014 · 1.6k Views

If your playroom has gotten a little out of hand in terms of clutter, lack of space and toys strewn about, you’re in luck. These days, there are several chic, affordable products that will help you clean up the playroom in a stylish manner while still keeping it kid friendly. Clean up your kids’ playroom with some of these storage products.

Bee Storage Caddy

For $21.99 at the Container Store, you can pick up this adorable canvas bag, which is perfect for storing toys. Its open design allows kids to pick and choose their toys and also makes it easy to put the toys away. Outer pockets make it simple to store smaller pieces, ensuring that they won’t get lost, and its water resistant outer liner is great for basement playrooms, as they can help protect against flood damage.

Harper Over the Door Storage

Available for $39 at Pottery Barn Kids, this multi-canvas storage bag system is made to hang over any door, saving space and getting toys off the floor. Four pockets allow for easy sorting, and it is available in many colors, which allows for easy incorporation into your color scheme. This storage unit is perfect for stuffed animals, toy cars and other larger items.

Five Basket Storage Unit – Cherry

This unit sells for $130.99 at Target, and offers more storage capacity in a chic shelving unit. The canvas-lined wicker units pull out like drawers, allowing kids easy access to their favorite toys without making a mess. It is a lower unit, so the kids won’t have to reach up to access their toys. The dark cherry color is gender neutral and easily incorporated into many color schemes.

Badger Basket Shelf Storage Cubby with Three Baskets

Another larger unit, this one is a good multitasker. Available for $115.99 on Amazon, this unit features three bins for out-of-sight storage, coupled with cubby units that can hold shoes, books, and other easily stackable items that you don’t mind keeping on display. This unit makes toys easy to sort so they are easy to find. Add some hooks on the inside and use it to store costumes.

Barrel Top Toy Chest

For $93 at, you can find this adorable yet simple toybox that your kids will love. The sleek wood finish and barrel top make it resemble a treasure chest, so it’s perfect for storing all of your child’s favorites. This box is available in four different finishes, so you can find one that suits your taste, and it is durable enough to belong in a playroom.

Your kids’ playroom is a place for fun and imagination, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look like a storm blew in. With a lot of stylish and affordable storage options, you can organize your playroom in a way that is fun for the kids, yet sophisticated enough to flow with the rest of the house.

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