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15 Subreddits Every Savvy Shopper Needs to Follow

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April 23, 2017 · 8.3k Views

If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a content site where Reddit users can post and discuss everything from news to memes, and they can also start their own subreddit, which is an individual forum. While this modern-day newspaper and discussion board is home to a variety of topics, there are actually plenty of subreddits available for savvy shoppers and the financially wise. We're sharing our favorite, useful subreddits, so check them out!

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15 Subreddits Every Savvy Shopper Needs to Follow

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  • r/Frugal: The users in this subreddit believe frugality encompasses time, money, and convenience among a number of other factors. If you're looking to find life's essentials for the best value, take a gander at r/Frugal.
  • r/Thrifty: If you're an environmentalist who loves strapping down on spending, this subreddit will help you achieve just that. Learn to dwindle down on the waste and save money.
  • r/Couponing: Saving on groceries is a big deal at DealsPlus, so undoubtedly, we had to share a couponing subreddit specifically for grocery shopping! Find tips on saving money, coupon discoveries and swaps, and more.
  • r/BuyItForLife: Quality, practical products are ideal when you are looking for the best value. You'll find the perfect products to get your money's worth - some items from decades ago!


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  • r/Freebies: This subreddit is self-explanatory. It hoards a plethora of freebies from Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Temptations Cat Treats, so if you love to save the most money possible, check it out.
  • r/Free: More freebies to delight you. Much like the previous subreddit, it's a random assortment of free goods that any savvy shopper will appreciate.


Travel plane icon

  • r/Travel_Deals: For all my jetset frugal friends, you will find travel deals and tips and tricks on how to make your trip the most affordable ever. Learn about complete tour packages, hostels, discounts, and even what to expect when traveling to a new destination.


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  • r/BudgetFood: Looking for ideas for cheap meals that taste like a million bucks? Head over to r/BudgetFood. You can ask questions and post or comment with recommendations to help out your fellow foodies.
  • r/EatCheapAndHealthy: Although cheap and healthy are subjective, on this subreddit you'll find suggestions and recipe ideas to fuel you up without sacrificing taste and cost-effectiveness.


Personal Finance money icon

  • r/FinancialPlanning: For more overarching issues regarding personal finance, budgeting, income, insurance, retirement, investing, and frugality, check out this subreddit. You'll learn a lot about many aspects of finance that ultimately determine your net worth.
  • r/PersonalFinance: If you seek financial order, better money management, and investments for the long run, you'll find advice and shared personal experiences that will guide you to a more stable financial life.
  • r/YNAB: A subreddit based on the budget software You Need A Budget, you'll learn how to gain complete control of your money. Analyze your expenses, learn to budget, and repeat.
  • r/DebtFree: For anyone who wants to eliminate debt, r/DebtFree is worth a read. Learn the importance of budgeting and financial planning to take control of your money and become debt free.
  • r/StudentLoans: Ah, student loans. Whether you have $1,000 or $100,000, learn how people like you manage loan repayment and even hear their concerns to see how you can relate and approach similar issues.


Making Money gears

  • r/BeerMoney: For a range of online money-making opportunities, check out this subreddit. You probably won't be able to survive on the incomes of these side gigs, but you'll definitely make some extra cash.

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